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Mark Zuckerberg onThe Tim Ferriss Show

Mark Zuckerberg onThe Tim Ferriss Show

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Company Values = giving something up

Company Values = giving something up

If a company value does not have a negative, it is not really that useful. "Be honest" is thus not a good value, because dishonesty is not really an option.

Zuck's approach was to capture the stuff the company is willing to trade for a benefit. "Move fast" has a lot of advantages, but it may also lead to buggy products. So Zuck wanted to make sure that the leadership was willing to make that trade. So early on, Facebook was led with the mantra "Move fast and break things". 


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"People just wanna be understood"

"People just wanna be understood"

Mark discussing about the meaning behind connecting people. He is not wrong. Most people do want to be understood, which is quite problematic:

  • What about understanding others?
  • Do we really understand ourselves that well?
  • How do we communicate whatever we want others to understand?


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Separation of tasks in leadership teams

A lot of Facebook's success is owed to the awesome collaboration between Mark and Cheryl. Mark thinks it worked because at Facebook the consumer part he was obsessed about is (defacto) separated operationally from the ads business Cheryl was in charge of. 

He got to obsess about the customer experience while she focus on generating revenue. Less potential for clashes.  


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Mark had some cool ideas about leading at Facebook (now Meta)

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