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How to Succeed as a Remote Salesperson in 2022

How to Succeed as a Remote Salesperson in 2022


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Island Time

Remember the old saying, “no man is an island?” If you’ve worked in remote sales, you know that’s not true. Selling is by nature a lonely endeavor.

By all means, lean into and take all of the support your organization is capable of giving, but also be self-sufficient. That means mapping and...

Office Space

You need a dedicated space where you go to work. It can be an isolated nook in an apartment. Maybe you have a giant walk-in closet that can be repurposed If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, set it up with comfortable work tools: An ergonomic chair, an efficient desk, some shelves for ...

Narrowed Focus

  • Write down distractions that divert your attention.
  • Office Rules: Make a schedule and stick to it
  • Line Up: Only respond to incoming calls/texts/emails sent to a specific number

Process Makes Perfect

If you’re accustomed to having others provide the structure and process for your sales, take control. When you have concentrated, uninterrupted time — probably on a weekend — shut off all of your devices. Go outside on the patio. Grab a notebook and pen and think through how you sell, from start ...

Stock the Shelves

You need things to do your job: Sell sheets, presentations, price lists, videos. If your company doesn’t have a central repository for these things — a GoogleDrive folder, a shared DropBox — make one of ...

  • Set aside time in your day to do each of the things in your process.
  • Don't be tempted to "multitask" while prospecting and talking simultaneously
  • The idea that humans can do more than one thing at a time is pure, unadulterated horse hockey

Emphasis on communication

  • Make time Friday afternoons to write a brief summary of things you did since Monday along with a forecast for the following week
  • The lack of face-to-face communication in sales is a major seismic shift. Leverage the fudge out of that.
  • You can make many more virtual appearance...



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