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Having a used product is more important than product market fit and usability


Get Your Product Used: Adoption and Appropriation

Get Your Product Used: Adoption and Appropriation


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Useful,  Usable and Used have different meanings

Useful = allows a user to accomplish an objective in a certain context

Usable = useful + enablement of the user to perform an action

Used = useful + enablement + adoption. The ultimate goal of a product.

Ease of Use

Some questions to guide

  • Life goals – what does the user aspire to in their life? How might your product get them to that goal? What would motivate a user to choose your product over a competing product that achieves this objective?
  • Completion goals – what do users expect to hap...


Oftentimes, usability is mistaken with user experience, but in reality, it is just a part of it. 

Usability, on its own, is also not only ease of use, but rather a sum of multiple aspects: 

  • effectiveness - the ability to complete a task
  • efficiency - effectiveness + speed

The 7 Factors of User Experience

Imagine a product has 7 different buttons, that whenever pressed with low or high intensity, they produce different results for users: 

  • Useful - has a purpose in the user's life
  • Usable - enables the purpose of a product to be brought to reality
  • Findable - the product a...

Factors of success for new product development

  • Top Management Support: Getting resources from top management to test innovative ideas
  • Market Orientation: Ability to conduct user and market research to bring them closer to the need of users
  • Technology: Suitable for the market selected
  • Knowledge management: Informat...

Adoption is the ultimate goal of a product. For it to happen, the Product works with the marketing teams:

  • Pre-Design Phase: Market research determines if the user base is large enough to make a product profitable; user research looks into its value & usability. 
  • Design Phase: D...

Appropriation can have two meanings:

  • the usage of existing objects to create different contexts than originally thought (e.g. dressing in clothes from another culture)
  • the usage of a product in an unintended way  (e.g. using a block of cement instead of a hammer with a nail). ...

Using the Product Lifecycle

There are different stages of a product and different strategies apply to each of them: 

  1. Market Introduction: High costs, low sales, little competition, customer education, marketing investment, low profitability
  2. Growth: Declining costs, higher sales volumes, profitability appe...

Types of product adopters

There are different types of adopters at each product stage:

  1. innovators: like taking high risks and have a good discretionary income. Naturally knowledgeable in the product space. Marketing and UX teams should identify them before launch to design for mass scale
  2. early adopter...

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