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How To Stop Analysis Paralysis: 8 Important Tips

How To Stop Analysis Paralysis: 8 Important Tips


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Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is the state of overthinking a decision to the point that a choice never gets made.

You face analysis paralysis when you…

  • are overwhelmed by the available options,
  • over-complicate the decision when it’s supposed to be quite a s...

Differentiate Between Big and Small Decisions

The first step to cracking decision-making paralysis is to differentiate between big and small decisions, after which you give the decision the level of attention based on its importance.

3 questions to differentiate between big and small decisions:

  • How important is this decis...

Decisions: A Checklist

If the decision will create a major impact after a year and there are serious implications from making the wrong choice (such as marrying someone you don’t love), then it’s a big decision.

Identify Your Objective

Every option has its pros and cons. Without knowing your end objective, you’ll forever be debating the relative pros and cons of each choice without a meaningful conclusion.

Before you dig into the options for your decision, ask yourself: “What is my end objective? What do I want to get...

Perfection Is Not the Key, “Moderately Okay” Is

Unless you are dealing with a life-altering decision like who to marry and what career path to choose, perfection is not the keyYour goal is to pick a moderately “okay” choice in a fair a...

When you have too many options, it clutters the decision-making process.

List all the available options. Then, eliminate the bad ones. You should be left with 3-4 options, which makes it easier to choose. Evaluate the remaining options against your end objective (see tip #...

Let Go of Your Childhood Stories

Certain incidents built up over time — called childhood stories — can make us very sensitive about doing anything.

 Every decision has its pros and cons,  and it’s more important to learn and 

Set a Time Limit

Parkinson’s Law says, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” What this means is that your work will take however long you allow it to take. If you set aside 15 minutes for a task, it’ll take 15 minutes. If you set aside 30 minutes, it’ll take 30 minutes. If you don’t ...

Consult someone with insight into what you’re asking about.

It is worthwhile to pay and get expert advice from specialists who know what they are doing. It helps us cut through the noise, get the information we need, and make the right choice.

If you are obsessing about every little thing even though it has no big impact, perhaps you have outgrown your routine. It’s time to channel your energy into bigger goals.

If you often face analysis paralysis with little decisions, here is a question for you: What are your goals for the...

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