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Repairing Company Culture


6 Common Misconceptions About Workplace Culture That Are Hurting Your Employee Experience

6 Common Misconceptions About Workplace Culture That Are Hurting Your Employee Experience



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Workplace Culture: What It Isn't

Building a strong and healthy workplace culture takes time, consistent action, a commitment to communication, transparency, and buy-in from everyone at all layers of the organization. Many organizations believe having a mission, vision and value statement will bring their culture to life. Thus, t...

Prioritizing Culture

Workplace culture needs to be prioritized from the very beginning and worked on every single day. It’s not exclusive to a select few individuals or departments rather to everyone from contract workers, hourly, full-time, entry-level, board members and even the C-suite. Toxic or healthy, a culture...

Myth 1: A Fear Based Culture Creates Instant Results

Fear-based cultures are more common than one may think.

In a fear-based environment:

  • Mistakes are punished and good deeds go unnoticed
  • Employees live in fear of whether or not they’ll have a job tomorrow
  • Rumours are more credible than what’s communicated by leader...

Beyond Fear

Employees who live in fear of being reprimanded are less likely to take risks and be inspired to think out-of-the-box. Consequently, this keeps the company from achieving great outcomes and gaining a competitive edge. Encouraging employees to take risks has a far greater outcome than embodying a ...

Myth 2: It’s Only About Social Events And Fun Perks

Free food, discounted gym memberships and beer taps don’t make a culture.

A healthy workplace culture focuses on:

  • creating a sense of belonging and a diverse environment
  • improving teamwork
  • investing in employee development
  • empowering employees to bring the...

Myth 3: It Needs To Come From HR Not Leadership

The biggest misconception is that the HR department is in charge of creating and maintaining the workplace culture. While HR plays a significant role, it’s the responsibility of everyone to keep it going. Leadership especially plays a major role in influencing and inspiring others to buy-in. Empl...

Myth 4: Culture Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Effort

Creating a culture without involving your employees is just as bad as winging it and hoping it turns out okay. Culture cannot be created artificially and it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistent attention, nurturing and evaluation. More importantly, employees need to be included in the...

Myth 5: Celebrating Milestones Is A Waste Of Time And Money

The simple act of recognizing and showing appreciation to your workers goes a long way. When employees are appreciated, their happiness at work increases and they’re much more likely to go above and beyond for their employer.

Employers often shy away from celebrating employee wins and miles...

Myth 6: Culture Forms On Its Own From The People Hired

Many companies overlook the importance of hiring until it’s too late and they’re not happy with the culture that transpired. Each individual plays a monumental role in shaping the culture. One wrong hire can poison an entire workplace. Without a strategy, companies risk making unethical, ...




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Remote working has blurred the line between work and life. This article talks about the contributions of research and sharing it with employers in order to assist their employees' needs better. Leaders now view well-being not just as an employee benefit but as an opportunity to support employees in all aspects of their personal and work lives.



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