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How Do You Define Startup Culture?

How Do You Define Startup Culture?


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How Do You Define Startup Culture?

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How Founders Define Startup Culture

  • Jeff Lawson, CEO and Cofounder of Twilio defined startup culture as the collection of great people you hire to make thousands of decisions for you every single day, who you trust to perform their best.
  • Rand Fishkin, CEO and founder of Moz stated that if you want to undertsnad the values of the company, you should take a look at how they handle situations from gaining money, how they take risks, and losing face due to an executive; if you want to know their mission and vision, look at the things they've chosen not to do.


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Pitfalls To Avoid In Startup Culture

  1. Blindly hiring people instead of hiring based on "culture fit". Everyone who is involved in the hiring process should have a good grasp of the cuture and knows how to evaluate for culture fit without discriminating.
  2. Having a lack in diversity will inevitably lead to a growth issue. Studies have shown that having diversity in the company provides fresh persectives and leads to greater work performances.
  3. Having inconsistency within the company's missions and goals; and
  4. Having feelings of disjointed leadership. Pay attention to your culture alongside the growth of your business,


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"Focus and reflect on your positive and negative experiences with workplace culture."

From there we can enlist relavant concepts and values that we can choose from. These values must be actionable and are values that resonate with the company.

Moreover, with instilling company values, you must know how to articulate what you want in order to have everyone on the same page as you and let them have collaborative experiences to contribute to the development of the startup and keep having good relationships with your people.


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Defining Startup Culture

Startup companies are gaining traction because people are able to integrate their work into their lives that gives them satisfaction with their overall work experience.

The people, however, do not have absolute powers to demand greater salaries, but what they do have are greater expectations for the company.

A company's culture must have these three elements: core values, mission, and talent strategy. While determining the company's startup culture is to look at their identity, growth strategy, and relationships with others.


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