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3 Examples of How to Build a Strong Brand Community

3 Examples of How to Build a Strong Brand Community

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Branding Is All About The Individual

Branding Is All About The Individual

Your brand is no longer just about you or your company. Now, branding is all about the individual. They are seen as symbols representing some part of a customer's personality, and 89% of customers will stay loyal to a brand that matches their personal values, according to a 2017 study by the Global Digital Agency.

Someone who proudly wears Nike is likely into health and physical activity, someone who is an animal rights supporter will shop for cruelty-free brands and a woman of color will likely take pride in supporting brands owned by other women of color.


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Gary Vaynerchuk’s cult of personality is a TikTok hit

Fortune 100 media chairman and self-made entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, better known by his online handle GaryVee, has mastered the art of building a community around himself. His TikTok has 13.3 million followers, and he regularly focuses on creating on-trend content that grabs attention while imparting knowledge and wisdom. Further, he is a master at creating a community that reaches beyond surface-level connections, and as a result there are very few people who don't at least know his name.


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Gymshark's Twitter Approach Is Full of Fun

Gymshark's Twitter Approach Is Full of Fun

British fitness apparel brand Gymshark knows that sometimes the best approach to community is laughter. Its main Twitter account is less focused on marketing activewear and more on bringing fans together with funny and relatable tweets. It now boasts a Twitter community of nearly 330,000 members, which grows steadily.

Cultivating a true community on Twitter is often tricky because the platform isn't as popular as it once was, but this brand has successfully drawn supporters in with cheeky, on-topic campaigns like live-tweeting the Superbowl or sharing a Monday motivation workout playlist.


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Starbucks Unifies Its Customers, Suppliers and Employees Across Platforms

Starbucks Unifies Its Customers, Suppliers and Employees Across Platforms

The 33,000-plus-store multinational chain is a shining example of taking a grassroots community and transforming it into a global phenomenon. Every single person involved with Starbucks is united under its iconic siren logo. From farmers and suppliers to employees (referred to as “partners”) and patrons, the company consistently creates a single thread of community that makes everyone feel like they're part of something larger than themselves.

Starbucks is also well-known for a culture of social change and positive impact, from its stores to its online presence.


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