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50 Habits for Self Improvement

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Wake up Early Every day

~ 03:30 .. 

Brahma Muhurtham 

Find a Reason Why 

Read * Exercise * Work 

Exercise 3-5x per week

Badminton * Tennis * golf * Gym [ ~ 2H per day * 15K Steps 

Cardio Burn out 

Quads and Joints 

Static Stretches in the morning and evenings 

Long Walks [ golf 

Spend Time outdoors

Walking during Calls * Podcasts 

Early Morning Fresh Air 

Morning sunlight 

Brisk Walks 

Think Walks ] Dan Kahneman > Thinking Slow 

Read A book Atleast a page

Read Articles 

Read books 1 Chapter Per Day at the least 

Reread timeless books.

You probably missed great insight the first time.

Estee lauder

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.” — Estee Lauder.

Build better habits and routines

Just Motivation doesn’t work. 

Small Micro Habits 


Make your bed every morning. It can reduce stress.

Make notes when you read great books.

Revise the notes 

Graphical Representations like Mind-Maps X Deepstash 

Spend 1-2 Hours PerDay in Noting * Reading * Revising 

Journaling helps declutter the mind.

Progress is the goal

Life is like a piece of art in the making. 

Success in Doing 

Karma Yoga 

Think process, not goals.

Think processes, systems and habits, not finite outcomes.

Schedule Contemplation time

To think clearly, make time for contemplations and solitude walks.

Spend time alone in the evening to set priorities for tomorrow.


Don’t spend time with people who bring out the worst in you.

good People * Inspiration 

T.S. Eliot

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”

Rest Brain + Reset Brain

Schedule your breaks to reset your brain to do more deep work.

Karma Yoga : Accumulate Small Wins

Shortcuts don’t work. Do the real work and accumulate small wins.

Short Steps

Ladder Appraoch 

Ideal Change Management 

Break big projects down and focus on completing the small tasks.

Anticipate & Model Risks

Take steps to fix problems you anticipate in the future.

Calm Mind

For a calmer mind, be more present.


Emotional Quotient

Wherever you are, be completely there. 

Wisdom Journal

Keep a wisdom journal to note down lessons you come across.

Don’t trust the brain. Write things down if you want to remember.

Use brain dump to declutter your mind and thoughts.

Time == Money

Manage your time every day like you manage your money.

Learn to Read Slowly

When you come across a great book, learn to read slowly.

Dan Kahneman 

Multiple contemplative Reading 

Diversity of the mind

Find and engage in activities unrelated to work.

If your beliefs are not serving you, change them

Question your assumptions.

Keep an open mind and make exploration a daily habit.

You will not always be right. 

Measure what you do

Measure your actions and double down on what works.

Manasa Vacha Kaya 

Body Intelligence

For a productive day, work with your body, not against it.

Self-care is not selfish. Choose yourself.

You are not your career. Find yourself. Self identify is empowering.

Social Quotient

Your people-pleasing habit will break you. Stop it.

Pursue wealth, not riches

  1. The first one can make you a time billionaire.
  2. Ashta Lakshmi 

Replace perfect with good enough.

To get more things done, batch similar tasks together.

Actively remove distractions to improve concentration and focused work.

Learn New skills

  • These will make you indispensable in the future.
  • Your future self needs you to make plans. 
  • Use your gap time to learn something new.
  • Make a to-learn list and choose what you learn wisely.

Create a Value Map : Does  it matter in a day, week, month or year?

  1. For anything you decide to do with your limited time, ask yourself: 
  2. Your past is history: let it go.

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Who said learning a language needs to be boring and tiring? Is it possible to study while staying in bed, feeling comfy and cozy? The answer is YES!



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