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Is less innovation actually better in product design?

Is less innovation actually better in product design?


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Design shapes behaviour

Design is the science of changing or influencing behaviour. But changing behaviour always results in friction. And friction makes it less likely that someone will take the desired action.

For example, getting a customer to switch to your product, even if your product is leagues ahead of...

Humans value things they own more just because they own them, and then they try to confirm the decisions they have made. The more they are exposed to something, the more they like them.

The most innovative companies are not those who innovate the most but innovate o...

How designers can change the trajectory of their companies

Highly usable products are typically those that limit behaviour changes to those essential to the differentiated value of the product.

Designers can increase the likelihood of succeeding in critical behaviour change by limiting friction elsewhere in the product experience.

  • If your company want to do something better but already has competition, your company is likely aiming to be a "market-winning" company. Your critical behaviour change may be getting people to be willing to switch so they can experience your superior solution.
  • If your compan...

Increase incentive and decrease cost of that “Critical Behavior Change”

Evaluate how you could offset the cost of a behaviour change by increasing the incentive to change while reducing the cost to change.

The Fogg Behaviour Change Model states that people have three behavioural drivers that motivate them to action:

  • Sensatio...

Switching Cost is the friction of switching from one product to another, but can also apply to situations where the customer has not used a product like yours before.

Ways it can cost a user to switch to a new solution and change behaviour:

  • Financial cost
  • Time cost

Innovation happens by degrees

Significant behaviour changes can be the right strategy for a company, but it is vital to know the cost your product will need to offset.

The most innovative companies understand the existing behaviours of their customers and introduce the "minimum viable innovation" that can drive massive ...

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