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How to be a better collaborator in a distributed-workforce world

How to be a better collaborator in a distributed-workforce world

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Hold meetings for the right reasons

Hold meetings for the right reasons

For a company with staff all over the world, sharing documentation typically makes more sense than aligning schedules for a video conference.

But when something’s not clicking, people just aren’t agreeing with whatever you’re trying to decide, it’s a great time to hop onto a meeting. The key is to avoid making meetings the default option for your communication needs. Instead, they should be used sparingly, and only when the desired outcome justifies their use.


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If you do have to hold a meeting, start with an icebreaker

Great meetings begin with an icebreaker to get the participants feeling grounded and comfortable with one another.

For example, lead your audience through a quick exercise on a Miro board, inviting them to match their mood to a spot on an emotions wheel.


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Know the value your fellow collaborators are looking for

Know the value your fellow collaborators are looking for

People are always looking for value in any sort of dialogue. Identify their wants and needs and appeal to them as best you can while remembering your own purpose.

Reading the situation this way will help you figure out how to best communicate—for example, whether the situation calls for more yes/no questions or more open-ended inquiries.


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Hire for and hone people’s writing skills

Good documentation is the bedrock of any modern workplace, particularly when the staff is far-flung. And you’ll want everyone to feel empowered to serve as a documentarian.

Screen for that from the very beginning, from the hiring process.


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Stick to “global English”

Stick to “global English”

If your job requires cross-cultural collaboration, stop using idioms.

A few terms commonly used in American business that do not translate easily for non-native English speakers:

  • Bring our A-game
  • Come up for air
  • Cut and dry
  • Level the playing field
  • Off the top of my head
  • Zero in on
  • Get ahead of the curve
  • Put out some feelers.

Replace them with a single word


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