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Selective transparency is not transparency.


Transparency is BS. Ditch the buzzword and align your teams this way

Transparency is BS. Ditch the buzzword and align your teams this way


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A Useless Buzzword

Transparency has become nothing but a buzzword thrown around in leadership circles. The word’s meaning has been diminished by its indiscriminate—but seemingly essential—use in boardrooms, interviews, and emails.   

The Gap: Transparency Vs Visibility

A transparent workplace moves beyond the hierarchical companies of the past that thrived on departmental silos and need-to-know, reactive information sharing. Leading with transparency, managers eliminate murky processes and vague expectations that lead to disconnected, ineffective employees.


If leaders aren’t projecting transparency, then what are they projecting? And how can managers lead with the openness and honesty needed to foster an engaged workforce?  

When many leaders say “transparency,” they mean “visibility.” Too often, managers want a unidirectional...

The Real Meaning Of Transparency

A truly transparent approach must go both (actually, all) ways. That means: no one’s goals, targets or outcomes are shrouded in secrecy.

Managers should amplify information, particularly the enterprise’s direction and each employee’s role and responsibilities in advancing i...

The Solution: Workforce Alignment

There’s a reason why high-performing enterprises put a premium on strategic alignment: it’s the vehicle of authentic transparency.  

Aligning a workforce starts with a defined organizational vision and mission and a strategy for how the enterprise will reach those goals. These essential ele...

Inter-Department Transparency

The entire workforce should have insight into the goals of other departments and how each employee supports the other in pursuit of a common organizational goal. Such alignment enables valuable cross-functional collaboration and plain old mutual understanding.  

Strategic Alignment

But before workforces can deliver on strategic alignment, leaders need to communicate the information and make it readily available to every employee.

With an actual picture of what success looks like, employees can work toward goal achievement and better deliver on the organizational strat...

Instead of dropping “transparency” or any other corporate buzzwords, leaders should focus on workforce alignment as a less abstract way to engender mutual trust, inspire employee buy-in and build high-performing teams. A culture rooted in transparency is necessary, but workforce alignment is the ...



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