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Insights that will allow you to compete in the future of work

Insights that will allow you to compete in the future of work

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Never go "back" to work; go forward to work

Never go "back" to work; go forward to work

At the peak of the pandemic, businesses and leaders saw it as a huge inflection point, a great opportunity for individuals to redefine strategies, workplaces, teams, and social contracts. But what they are afraid of is that, after this great opportunity, people will crawl out of the rubble and go back to old ways of working that frankly, hadn’t been working for us for decades.

This time is your opportunity to learn from your peers. This is your opportunity to open up your curiosity, and make sure that you, your team, and your organization never goes back to work, but only goes forward.


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Collaboration starts before the meeting

There were two myths of collaboration prior to the pandemic. One myth was that all collaboration starts with a meeting. And the other was that the more people you get involved in collaboration, the slower the decision-making. But that is just not true.

In fact, we can utilize simple, high-return practices of asynchronous collaboration.That’s the most powerful takeaway from hybrid work: Instead of sticking to our old ways of synchronous meeting and collaboration, we can use a valuable new set of underutilized tools.


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Resilience is a team sport

In the olden days, mental and physical well-being were dealt with as individuals, sometimes shamefully in the shadows.

But at the peak of the pandemic, we saw more vulnerability. We saw more openness. And with that, we saw more bonding and team cohesiveness.


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Foresight is crowdsourced

Add a five-minute agenda item to your team meeting - the “foresight five minutes.” Before a meeting, everybody has been designated to come to that five minutes with a distinct way of looking at the world.

One individual or group is looking at the world relative to competitive threats. Another one is looking at the world relative to technological changes and customer changes and macroeconomic policies and then the question is asked, “What risks and opportunities do we need to potentially move into an analysis meeting?”


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Move from "Crisis agile" to agile as your primary operating system

Today, we have to negotiate very clear outcomes-based weekly sprints of our work.

What are each of us and each of our teams going to do this week? And then you allow empowerment during that week to achieve as much as they can achieve. And then a standup at the end of the week determines, what did we do? Where did we struggle, and where are we going for the next week? There’s a negotiation among the team to make sure that everyone is aligned, and off we go.


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Investing and saving is not the same thing.

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