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A well-run paid pilot, or trial period can be the key to capturing and converting prospects, especially as you move upmarket. But POCs can be challenging to execute well.


How to Execute SaaS POCs that Convert | Heavybit

How to Execute SaaS POCs that Convert | Heavybit


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Frame your POC as a “Paid Pilot.”

While many IC-level developer tools offer free trials that let developers take the product for a test drive themselves, enterprise POCs and trial periods address a different kind of buyer pain point: exploring a potential (and likely significant) in a new solution.

A paid pilot sets expecta...

POCs or paid pilots should be framed in the context of a full-year contract, with the ability to terminate at will. Setting the pilot period up this way means you’ve already jumped through the lega...

Stick to a Short Time Frame

Many POCs are set for a 90-day period. But a full quarter feels like a long time, and the task of implementing and evaluating your product can easily get lost among the team’s other priorities for the quarter. Instead, aim for a 30-day paid pilot. A one-month pilot pushes your product to the top ...

Define Clear Goals for the Pilot

Pick a single KPI that will have a measurable business impact (e.g. engineering time saved, increased revenue) and frame the pilot in terms of that goal. Only pick one KPI; the point is to share the sharpest, most focused vision of success you can, and the more goals you have, the less clear your...

One of the most common mistakes that companies make during their POCs is doing all the heavy lifting for the customer. Enterprise SaaS POCs are about showing business value, and they require an investment of resources from your customer. In order for a POC to be successful, there has to work on b...

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Satisfied customers perceive value in your offerings and that means they’d be willing to pay more and that can be done by providing value to them. This article will help you to understand and apply the methods that will bring success.



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