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Science Explains Why We Have Favorite Colors

Science Explains Why We Have Favorite Colors


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Why We Have Favourite Colours

Historically, it has been difficult to empirically explain why we like certain colours.

It is still difficult to explain why people like some colors more than others. Here are some theories that may help us understand why we have favorites.

Ecological Valence Theory

Through a series of lab studies between 2010 and 2017, assistant professor Karen Schloss and her collaborator, Stephen Palmer PhD hypothesized the Ecological Valence Theory (EVT), which they describe as people that "like/dislike a given colour to the degree that they like/dislike all of the o...

To explore EVT, Schloss and Palmer conducted a series of studies. Participants ranked colour preferences, what colours reminded them of particular objects, and if those objects represented positive or negative things.

This resulted in Weighted Affected Valence Estimates (WAVE). They found...

How  Someone Feels About Objects of that Colour

A person may have positive or negative feelings about certain colours because of their experience with objects of those colours over time.

Young girls tend to like pink and purple colours because they are often exposed to clothes, toys and television shows they enjoy that use those colours...

An Evolutionary Drive to Be Happy

Colour preference may be part of our evolutionary design. Colour preferences guide us toward positive things for our general health and well-being and away from negative things.

Choosing a colour we like for our loveseat helps us thrive while avoiding colours that cause us to fail. We have ...

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