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How To Trust People Again If You've Been Hurt

How To Trust People Again If You've Been Hurt


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Ask Yourself First

Moving forward can understandably feel difficult. The only person who can decide if moving forward is in your best interest is you.

Ask yourself these questions:

“Did this person deliberately betray my trust?”

“Did this person admit their mistake, or did I find out from someone...

Only You Can Choose to Forgive and Move Forward

If you’ve decided to work toward forgiving the person who wronged you, understand that forgiveness comes from within. People make mistakes. While we’re all human, that mantra in and of itself does not mean they deserve a second chance.

Consider if this person has betrayed your trust before....

Put Yourself First

While we should all always put ourselves first, oftentimes after being hurt by someone we love or care about, only then do we come to realize we have been putting the needs of others before our own. Take this time of clarity to mend the most important relationship of all: the relationship you hav...

Communicate Your Expectations

It’s important to communicate what expectations you have of your relationships with others.

For anyone who has broken your trust, communicate what your expectations are of them moving forward. Let them know your trust in them is broken and that you need time to heal. Explain what they did t...

Set Clear Boundaries

Setting boundaries is important with any relationship, including your relationship with yourself.

Communicate your boundaries with the person who has broken your trust. Let them know the behaviours you will not tolerate, like lying or not telling the complete truth. Then, hold yourself acc...

Realize That Rebuilding Trust Takes Time

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you just need to “get over it.” Those people do not have your best interest at heart, or they are not sure how to build good boundaries in their own lives.

Take all of the time you need to rebuild your trust, either with that person or with people overall...

Recognize Your Triggers and Be Honest About Them

Communicating your triggers will help you to become more comfortable with the uncomfortable and help you along your journey to healing with any future relationships you might have.

Even if the person did nothing wrong per se, communicating with them that what they said or did was upsetting ...

Speak to a Licensed Therapist

Talk therapy, also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), can provide you with actionable solutions to address the root cause of the lack of trust you have in others. Speaking to a professiona...

People’s Actions Will Tell You What You Need to Know

When you’re learning to trust people again, you may be very hesitant and at times overly cautious. While it can be easy to listen to the words of others and trust that they’ve changed and that they won’t hurt you the same way again, watch their actions for change.

Are they sliding back into...

Commit to Starting Fresh, Whatever That Looks Like for You

Many people will tell you that starting fresh means starting over and that you should forgive and forget. However, no one but you will understand the journey you’re going on to trust people again.

Starting fresh can look like many different scenarios: cutting off certain people in your life...

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Building trust in yourself is the key idea before doing anything that is worthwhile to own self and for others. I struggle with it a lot, for my personal goals, my friends help me to stay on track. Thank you and I love you all :)



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Don't let toxic people and their mentality destroy your life and success. Stay away from them as much as possible. These tips will tell you how.



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