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A Guide to Finding Awesome Co-Founders

A Guide to Finding Awesome Co-Founders



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Co-Founder Dating

If you're chasing the startup dragon, one of the most important decisions to make will be choosing the right co-founder(s). Here are some extremely valuable lessons that I wish I would've known years ago: Co-founder dating and finding success by partnering with the right people.


  • Increase awareness and attract more potential co-founders.
  • Reach out to your existing network.
  • LinkedIn, former colleagues, existing advisors, etc.
  • Join related communities - the more niche the better - and engage with people.
  • Explore accelerator, incubator, a...


  • Open up your DMs and prep your calendars.
  • The main goal of this phase is to get a feel for each other and to ensure that you're aligned on what I refer to as hard constraints.
  • A hard constraint is a factor which is a must-have for you to work together.
  • Soft constraint...

Alignment: Vision And Expectations

Only want to partner with co-founders who have a strong intrinsic motivation to work on the same problem, space, and target audience. Ask the following questions:

  • How much equity are you both expecting?
  • Are you looking to raise VC or bootstrap?
  • What's your timeline? Wh...

Vibe, Trust, and Culture Fit

  • You need to trust this person to have your back no matter what.
  • Would I be excited to hang out with this person outside of work?
  • Does this person have an ego? Is this person genuinely interested in getting to know you? Is there a conflict of interest?

Nice To Have In The Deal

  • Soft constraints that are not deal-breakers.
  • complementary skillsets.
  • good background on paper.
  • solid network access to funding.
  • geographical location.

Don’t deviate too far from these broad strokes.

Remember that joining han...

Pro Tips

  • Put together and share some initial thoughts & research ahead of time.
  • Immediately stand out from any other networking meetings they're having.
  • Set the tone upfront that you know what you're talking about, that you care about this space, and that you value their time.


The main goal of this phase is to get a feel for how well you work together in practice, what your respective roles might end up being, and whether you like spending time with this person.

Scoping out a few time-boxed project ideas will give you a sense of the other person's proactiveness. ...

The Final Decision

  • The final stage of the co-founder dating process is actually joining together as partners.
  • You make a commitment to building a company together.

Are you confident that you can trust them to have your back when nobody else does?

If you can answer this questi...



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