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Life Tips From the (Almost) Happiest People in the World: The Danish

Life Tips From the (Almost) Happiest People in the World: The Danish


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The Danish: Minimalists By Nature

Danish design is famous for its straight lines, natural materials, light tones, and uncomplicated patterns. Their living rooms are bright and de-cluttered.

Because clutter equals stress.

The same goes for brain clutter which we have so much of in the U.S.

That’s why Danish minim...

More Cooking

  • Denmark has some of the world’s highest taxes and prices for consumer goods and services. That’s why Danes eat home whenever possible.
  • This means less processed foods and a more relaxing atmosphere when consuming your meals.
  • A dinner with family or friends will always be more...

More Biking

  • Nearly 60% of people in Copenhagen commute by bicycle every day.
  • Danes are obsessed with bikes and often come first in the world’s most bike-friendly cities and nations lists, followed by Netherlands.
  • World’s-leading biking infrastructure means that in Denmark, bikes have the...

Eating With Others

Even office lunches in Denmark are often eaten with other people, strangers or not. Sharing a warm meal with proper cutlery and a proper conversation is how the Danes dine.

Eating a cold sandwich alone at your desk would be considered weird and unhealthy.


Drink and Smoke if You Want To

  • The city streets are filled with smokers: mothers pushing strollers, old ladies, teenagers, you name it.
  • No one seemed to care or notice.
  • Same with drinking. No one cared if you drank at home, in the street, or in the office on a Friday night.
  • People lived and let oth...

Get Out In Fresh Air

  • Scandinavians are obsessed with fresh air.
  • In Denmark, it starts with birth, when babies are left to sleep outside in their prams even in colder months (and they have so many of those!).
  • Danish kindergartens make sure the kids spent a lot (if not most) of their day outside, r...

Follow The Rules

A Dane will never cross the road at a red light, even if there are no cars in sight. Life is just more predictable that way. The key to this system though is that everyone in the country is under a silent obligation to do the same.

Following the written and unwritten rules of society has a ...

Dimming The Lights

  • Danes are obsessed with mood lighting.
  • It’s like the whole country agreed to wage a war on bright hospital lighting so favored in the U.S.
  • It all starts with hygge — a Danish word that roughly translates as coziness and is a way of life in Denmark.
  • There’s nothing a D...

No Red Tape Or Slow Government Work

  • Denmark has very little bureaucracy and almost no paperwork. Every transaction is electronic and streamlined to a minimum. The country is as efficient as it gets.
  • You can call it electronic minimalism and, as with regular minimalism, it declutters your life and saves your time, both ...

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