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Short term enjoyment and how they affect us, know how you can become a great person by avoiding these short term enjoyments.


Short term enjoyment and it's effect

Short term enjoyment and it's effect


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What are short term enjoyments ?

Short term enjoyment are basically the couple moments of happiness that lasts for a few minutes.

When you drink or buy something expensive the feeling of satisfaction you get is considered to be short term enjoyment.

Few ways that can help you in dealing with these short term enjoyments are:-

It's all about how you feel and how you react. In order to utilise your time you must say no to temptations.

Temptations always will be tempting but you have to avoid them in case you miss them.

It will be hard to b...

If something distracts you then there's a need to improve your focus, don't get distracted easily.

Whatever distracts you, stay away from it because once you get distracted then you don't even know how much time will be wasted.

Friends are the important asset of our life, without friends our life is nothing but you must have good friends.

It's well said by Sir Warren Buffett that if your friends circle is busy in enjoyment not talking about investment, business and breaking...

Short enjoyment causes long term damage and what we do in our teenage years reflects our whole life.

So don't ever go for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. It seems cool but it's not. It's very harmful.

You don't even know that whatever you are doing is ruining your life slowly don't build these habits.

Teenage is time to focus on a career and build a strong character and a good lifestyle.

Don't go for enjoyment ev...

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