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If Networking Makes You Anxious, Try This

If Networking Makes You Anxious, Try This



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Social anxiety at a networking event

Many individuals experience social anxiety, but a 2020 study showed that younger people are more affected by it.

  • Symptoms show up in different ways, such as an intense fear of interacting or talking to strangers, being judged by others, humiliating yourself, or catastrophising.

Visualize how things will unfold

Visualise what will happen the night before. Your brain will think you've done it before and help to ease feelings of anxiety.

  • Close your eyes and go through the entire process: Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, picking out what to wear, eating breakfast and d...

Create prompts for what you’d like to discuss or share at the networking event, including questions you’d feel comfortable asking.

This can help reduce your anxiety quite a bit because you already know what you will say. Stand in front of a mirror and practice saying your script aloud. Pay ...

A lack of vitamin D or magnesium tend to make you feel more anxious.

Eating vitamin D and magnesium-rich foods a few days in advance can be helpful to buffer the stress.

Grab some fortified milk, yogurt, and Brazil nuts before an event. They contain selenium which helps manage anxiety...

Step outside your role

When you enter the room, remind yourself that you're more than your job title. You may feel less constricted around what to discuss.

  • Talk about hobbies. “What would you be up to if you weren’t at this thing?”; “Did you figure out today’s Wordle?”
  • Be an ...

Try to identify events that feel like they’d be less stressful for you. For example, events focused on a particular person or group remove you from the centre of attention.

  • Be an audience member. If the thought of a ballroom of strangers is overwhelming, consider atten...

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