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How To Block Out Distractions to Make Better Content

How To Block Out Distractions to Make Better Content


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How To Block Out Distractions to Make Better Content

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Managing distractions as a content creator

If you want to become a content creator in today’s industry, you need to take care of many things. And usually, that is not a problem. But how can you deal with distractions and also stay online at the same time? How can you block out distractions and still make good content?


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How much time do we spend distracted?

Have you ever tracked how much time you spend getting distracted and getting back to work?

Gloria Mark found out that you will switch tasks every 3 minutes on average while working in front of a computer.

Also, in the same study, Gloria Mark proved it takes 23 minutes, on average, to recover from a distraction. So every 3 minutes, there is a possibility you stop working at full potential for the next 23 minutes.

For a content creator, these numbers are absurd. How are we supposed to even do something without procrastinating?


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How to block out distractions in 4 steps

Lucky for you, there are many ways in which you can block out distractions and work on your projects. And in this article, I will share with you four of them:

  1. Control your internal triggers.
  2. Find your purpose.
  3. Delay or remove external stimuli.
  4. Discourage distractions.

The first two are internal measures you can use to control your behavior. While the latter ones are external, and you can use them to block out distractions and resist procrastination.


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Triggers are the patterns our body uses to communicate its needs to our brain. So if your back hurts, for example, you stretch. If your stomach is empty, you get hungry and look for a snack.

To control your internal triggers, you have to understand they are necessary. And you can’t get rid of them, nor replace them.

  • Find the cue that precedes the triggers.
  • Write it on a piece of paper.
  • Try to remove the causes, if possible.
  • Otherwise, you should limit yourself to acknowledging their existence.


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The more you care about your distractions and find them interesting, the more you will surrender to them. On the contrary, if you have a purpose and a goal you are willing to pursue with all your power, everything else disappears.

  • Define how much of your free time you want to dedicate to your work.
  • Define a purpose for your relationships.
  • Find a purpose for yourself.


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The first step in dealing with external stimuli is to learn how to delay them. For example, if your phone rings, you need to train yourself to resist and check it out only once you finish your tasks.

  • Write down everything that distracted you coming from an external source.
  • Ask yourself if the triggers were necessary for completing the goal you were pursuing.
  • Try to remove any unnecessary triggers.
  • Otherwise, if it is too complex, train yourself to resist them.


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The last step for resisting distractions is to discourage them through other techniques. Here, you focus on building obstacles for some distractions to keep them distant.

A typical example is putting the phone in another room. The spatial barrier you build between yourself and your phone makes it easier for you to stop checking out notifications every few minutes.

But you can find many more enhancers and barriers for your activities. And you can use them to boost your tasks too.


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Final Thoughts

If you want to become a productive content creator, you need to learn how to focus on your craft. And you can learn how to block out distractions in 4 simple steps.

First, you need to control your internal triggers. Then, you can search for a purpose that makes you focus on a single goal and keep working to achieve it.

You can also act on external ones. For example, you can delay and block external triggers or discourage distractions through physical barriers.

And if you learn how to use these four steps, you will block out distractions, increase your productivity and make better content.


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If you want to become a content creator in today’s industry, you need to take care of many things. But the worst thing is managing distractions. So how can you deal with distractions and stay online at the same time?