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The 4 Steps to Becoming Indistractable

The 4 Steps to Becoming Indistractable


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Habits and Distractions

Every building needs a sturdy foundation. Your daily habits are a foundation on which you are building who you are—your values, goals, personality, etc.

If you track your daily habits, you may be surprised to find a collection of suboptimal habits: you may not be reaching your full potentia...

The Four Pillars to Becoming Indistractable

  • Mastering internal triggers
  • Making time for traction
  • Hacking back external triggers
  • Blocking out distraction

Remember: Distractions are things that push us away from what we want most in life.

Internal And External Triggers

All behaviours, both traction and distraction, are prompted by triggers, both internal and external.

Internal triggers cue us from within. When we feel our belly growl, we look for a snack. When we’re cold, we find a coat to warm up. And when we’re sad, lonely, or stressed,...

Mastering Internal Triggers

Distraction, it turns out, isn’t about the distracting thing itself; rather, it’s about how we respond to it.

Resisting, ruminating, and finally giving in to the desire perpetuates the cycle of distraction and quite possibly drives many unwanted behaviours.

While we can’t control the ...

Handling The Distraction

Step 1: Look for the discomfort that precedes the distraction, focusing on the internal trigger.

Step 2: Write down the trigger.

Step 3: Explore your negative sensations with curiosity instead of contempt.

Step 4

Adjusting Our Vision

We can change the way we see ourselves to get rid of self-limiting beliefs. If we believe we’re short on willpower and self-control, then we will be. If we decide we’re powerless to resist temptation, it becomes true. If we tell ourselves we are deficient by nature, we will believe every word.

Making Time For Traction

Being indistractable is largely about making sure you make time for traction each day and eliminating the distraction that keeps you from living the life you want—one that involves taking care of yourself, your relationships, and your work.

Planning your time with intention is critical, eve...

Hacking Back External Triggers

Unwanted external triggers hamper our productivity and diminish our well-being. While technology companies use cues like the pings and dings on our phones to hack our behaviour, external triggers are not confined to our digital devices. They’re all around us—from cookies beckoning when we open th...

The Top Contenders

  • Work interruptions
  • Email
  • Group chat
  • Meetings
  • Smartphone
  • Computer desktop
  • Online articles
  • Online feeds

These interruptions lead to mistakes and steal your time from what you should be focused on. It’s time to block out those ...

Blocking Out Distraction

The last step to becoming indistractable involves preventing ourselves from sliding into distraction.

To do so, we must learn a powerful technique called “precommitment,” which involves removing a choice in the future to overcome our impulses in the present.

Precommitments are the las...

The Pacts

You can prevent distractions with effort pacts, which makes unwanted behaviour more difficult to do.

You can also make a price pact, which involves putting money on the line to encourage you to do what you say you will.

Finally, an identity ...

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