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The Compound Effect


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The Compound Effect

by Darren Hardy

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Strategies for Eliminating bad Habits

Habits are what can help us in shaping our future. Good habits can build us however bad ones can destroy us. Here are some strategies to leave bad ones.


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Short story

A teacher and his young pupil were wandering in a forest. The teacher asked his pupil to pull up the sapling which was just sprouting from the ground. The pupil pulled it easily. The teacher again asked the pupil to pull up the sapling which was knee-high to the boy. With a little effort, the pupil pulled that too. Ultimately, the teacher asked to pull up a mighty oak which was so tall that the boy could not see the top. The pupil seeing this told that it is impossible.

"My boy, you just demonstrated the power that habits will have over your life!" the teacher exclaimed. The older they are,...


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Creatures of Habit

Aristotle said, "We are what we do repeatedly."

There was a man riding a horse. It seemed he was in a great hurry. A man standing alongside the roadside yelled, "where are you going?" The rider replied, "I don't know. Ask the horse."

This is the story of most people. We don't know what we are doing. We perform in auto-pilot mode based on our habits, not knowing what we are doing. 

Thus, it is high time to be in control.


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Habits define us

Successful people aren't necessarily intelligent or more talented. It is their habit that moves them towards becoming more informed, more knowledgeable, better skilled and well-prepared.


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Game changers

According to psychologists, 95% of everything we feel, think and do is a result of learned habits. We are born with instincts but not with habits. Habits are learned during the course of time. Since habits are learned they can be unlearned too.

Here are some strategies to unlearn bad habits

  1. Identify Your Triggers
  2. Clean House
  3. Swap It


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Identify Your Triggers

Look at your list of bad habits and identify what triggers them. Figure out who, what, where and when for each bad habit.

  • Do you smoke or drink a lot when you are with certain people?
  • Is there a particular time when you crave something like alcohol, nicotine, sweets and so on?
  • What situations force you to your bad habits?

Take a closer look and note all these triggers. 


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Clean House

Seriously, clean your house. If you want to stop drinking alcohol, remove every drop of it from your house. If you want to stop watching TV, cancel all your cable and Netflix subscriptions.

Get rid of all those that enable your bad habits. 


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Swap It

Can you replace your bad habits with good ones? Think once.

The author's sister-in-law had a habit of consuming crunchy and salty junk food while watching TV. She would consume a whole bag of chips while watching. When she got aware of this, she pondered and found out she enjoyed the crunchy sensation in her mouth. She then decided to replace a bag of chips with crunching carrots.


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A Frontend developer, tech enthusiast and a bibliophile.


At a certain point in time, we develop bad habits, which are harmful to us and we need to remove those bad habits. These ideas tell us how to unlearn and remove bad habits.