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30-Day Twitter Challenge: The Best Guide on How To Make Short Content

30-Day Twitter Challenge: The Best Guide on How To Make Short Content


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30-Day Twitter Challenge: The Best Guide on How To Make Short Content

Why should you promote your ideas?

You can write articles and create content for years without any success. But this doesn’t mean you are not good at it. You need to learn to share your work.

How do you expect people to find your content if you keep it to yourself?

Not promoting content is one of the worst errors of new content creators.

I have seen some of my fellow writers gaining traction faster than me and getting job offers. But I ignored the reason behind their success. Until, one day, I made a Twitter account and found them all there, sharing their work with a large audience.


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The Benefits of a 30-Day Twitter Challenge

  1. It is an idea generator.
  2. It shows you successful content.
  3. It helps you build loyalty.
  4. It gives you new opportunities.


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1 — It is an idea generator.

Growing an audience on Twitter doesn’t only mean gathering followers. It is much more than that.

Publishing posts that highlight your expertise and credibility will be your first goal. But you also need to follow other creators to build professional relationships, or you will never test your content.

So using Twitter every day exposes you to many ideas in short time lapses. And this constant exposure tickles your creativity and improves your content daily.


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2 — It shows you successful content.

As soon as you start growing and your tweets get more views, you will also have more people commenting on them and sharing their opinions. And you can use those comments to understand if a topic gets more shares or is ignored by your audience.

So if you want to test your content, you can follow a simple pattern:

  • Share your core idea on Twitter.
  • See how the community responds.
  • With positive feedback, create content.
  • With negative or missing feedback, search for other ideas.


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3 — It helps you build loyalty.

Social networks are the perfect tool for building a close relationship with your audience and converting them from casual consumers to fans. So use them to interact with the community and increase their loyalty to your brand by:

  • Clarifying their doubts.
  • Answering other curiosities.
  • Sharing your content creation patterns and sources.

And the more you interact, the closer they will get.


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4 — It gives you new opportunities.

You never know where the next offer will come from or who your next customer will be. So keep following people, interacting with them, and sharing your work.

Someday, someone will engage and make you an offer. And building an audience on Twitter will be the best choice of your life.

Also, nowadays, every public figure is on Twitter. And if anybody finds your work over the Internet and wants to contact with, they will probably search you on Twitter first. So make sure to be there.


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Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.


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  1. Create a schedule.
  2. Pick hashtags and weekly formats.
  3. Build a content buffer.
  4. Construct a catchy profile.

Continue reading the 30-Day Twitter Challenge.


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