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The 5 Levels of Leadership

Bhuwan Neupane's Key Ideas from The 5 Levels of Leadership
by John C. Maxwell

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Five Levels of Leadership

1.You can move up a level but you never leave the previous one behind, you simply build upon it .

You don’t leave ur position to advance , but if you win level 2 correctly , you never need to rely on your position again .

Leaders don’t trade one level for another . They add a new level to the previous one . It’s a building process .

2.You are not on the same level with every person

3. The Higher you go , the easier it is to lead

Limited influence , limited leadership .Greater influence , greater effectiveness.


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4. The Higher you go ,the more time and commitment is required to win a level 

#Prepare to stop for tolls . There is no easy way to get to the top . And each time you go up , you pay . 

#You have to be more committed, you have to give more , you have to use more energy , each time you want to go up a Level .

#No teams win championships without making sacrifices and giving their best . 

5. Moving up levels occurs slowly , but going down can happen quickly 


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6. The Higher you go , the greater the return 

On Level 2 , we earn yurts and the right to lead .

On level 3 , we add to the productivity of the organisation .

On level 4 , we multiply that productivity because every time we add another leader to an organisation , we add all the horsepower of that leaders team.

The better the leaders are in an organisation, the better everyone in the organisation becomes .


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7. Moving Farther Up always requires Further Growth . 

Growing as a leader requires a combination of intentional growth and leadership experience . 

If people rely only on experience without intentionally learning and preparing for the next level , they won’t progress as leaders . 

On the other hand , if they only prepare mentally yet obtain no experience through the risk and reward , and trial and error , they still won’t progress . 

Remember that success at any level helps you to be successful at every level . So working hard to win the level you are on now will prepare us for the future.


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Some People can’t ;they have reached their limit , others won’t .

Capacity is not the problem :Choice and Attitude are . If we are willing to choose improvement and change our attitude Sky is the limit .

#One of the burdens of leadership is that as we go , so go the people we lead . Reaching our potential sets an environment for others to reach theirs


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2. Not climbing the levels limits you and your people 

Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. Your effectiveness in getting things done and your ability to work through others is always limited by your leadership . 

If your leadership is 4 out of 10 , then your effectiveness will be no higher than  4.

Law of respect says that ,”People naturally follows leaders stronger than themselves.”That means if I remain a 4, I will never attract and keep any leaders better than a 3.

When leaders stop climbing , two questions need to be asked- can they improve ? And will they improve?


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Each time a leader moves up to a higher level of leadership , greater skill is required

Growing as a leader requires a combination of intentional growth and leadership experience .

If people only rely on experience without intentionally learning and preparing for the next level , they won’t progress as leaders .

Remember that Success at any level helps you to be successful at every level .


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If you care about people, treat them with respect, and build positive relationships with them, you actually have more numerous opportunities to speak candidly and have hard communication with them that will help them to grow and perform better.

People can change their attitudes and can improve their abilities. To lead successfully it is important to value people. Caring for others demonstrates that you value them.


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One of the secrets of being candid is to think, speak and act in terms of who the person has the potential to become and to think about how you can help them to reach it.

Getting results always matters and good leaders never lose track of that. Good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the group, which means that some people will get angry at your actions and decisions. It’s inevitable- if you are honorable.


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