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Develop Willpower

Develop Willpower


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Develop Willpower

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Will Power

Control your mind = control your impulses.

If you are also facing mind control problems then here are some fast-tips to save your day.


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Find Your Motivation

To exert self control, you need to find your motivation when it matters. It can be anything like playing 2 hour game after 5 hour study.


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Better Self , Better Life

People who have better control of their attention, emotions and actions are better off almost any way you look at it. Their relationships are more satisfying and last longer. They make more money and go further in their career.


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If You Can't Control Mind, Control Brain Then

The prefrontal cortex controls your decision of control. It's your prefrontal cortex that tells you to eat salad instead of fast food. And I think that controlling your mind through your brain is the best way.


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Meditation. Meditation. Meditation.

The ultimate weapon against wandering and wild mind. Learn to meditate.

The easy method is to close your eyes and focus on your breathe. Inhale and exhale.


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