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How to overcome FOMO : Life Kit

How to overcome FOMO : Life Kit


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FOMO - the fear of missing out

Worrying about missing out on new experiences, content, trends, and even investments can make us feel like we are falling behind.

We can overcome this feeling and be content with what we have by embracing the present moment.

We are constantly comparing ourselves to people around us. While it can serve us by helping us grow, it can sometimes lead to hard feelings. FOMO is about having thoughts about missing out on opportunities which might increase our happiness.

One explanation for why we experience FOMO is tha...

Experiencing a bodily reaction to FOMO

Not feeling part of an event or the in-group could be enough for someone to experience a fight-or-flight response.

Next time you feel a stress response to FOMO, take a moment to assess what "danger" you're really in. Then, you can talk yourself down from that fight-or-flight response.

Knowing what triggers your FOMO will help you get out of situations before they set off that alarm.

The biggest FOMO trigger is often social media. Your trigger might be seeing yet another friend buy their first home. You can expose yourself to less of the stuff that makes you feel like you...

Thinking the grass is greener on the other side

It's important to remember that we live by making a series of trade-offs. We're always missing out on something. Choosing one activity or path inevitably means you'll miss out on others.

FOMO makes you miss out on today because you're so worried about what else is out there. You can win the...

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