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Honor the Material

Honor the Material

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Honor the material

Honor the material

Wood is a versatile material. You can build almost anything out of it. But you shouldn't. Wood is great for some things (big, flat surfaces like a tabletop) and poor at others (weight-bearing structures like legs). Steel, however, is great for structure due to its strength, but it makes for a poor tabletop.

Every material is good at something and poor at something else.

To honor a material is to celebrate its unique properties and use its strengths.


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Technological materials

Technological materials

Software and mobile devices are two kinds of "materials" that tech companies operate with.

We believe we can build anything with them. But, like wood, each of them has grain. Some things are easy to do and others are difficult. Move with the grain, and you can unlock amazing experiences. Cut against the grain, and you will struggle.

It's on us to honor them and match real customer needs with what a platform and device can deliver.


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We can unlock new product experiences only by leveraging the strengths of the technology we use

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