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Can You Trust Social Media for Health Advice?

Can You Trust Social Media for Health Advice?


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Can You Trust Social Media for Health Advice?

Social Media and Medical Health Advice

  • Social media can serve as a powerful medium to get a message out or educate a group of people
  • It can break down barriers by making information accessible, but discernment is necessary.
  • Although it may seem like scary territory, these questions surrounding online medical advice and nuanced conversations aren't new.
  • Today, the methods of communication and vessels for these types of messages just look a bit different.


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Benefits Of Health Advice On TikTok

Prominent researchers have analyzed the pros and cons of TikTok as a channel for receiving medical advice - specifically when it comes to lower back pain.

It is found that social media is useful and important in the medical sphere: awareness.

First-person confessional content by influencers on TikTok can raise awareness for those who may have experienced similar situations, which can have a comforting or eye-opening effect.


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Just because a theory or medical occurrence isn't yet integrated into mainstream medicine doesn't mean it's wrong or incorrect

Viewers can be susceptible to inaccurate medical advice on these digital channels when they are experiencing pain that is not getting better, haven't visited a doctor, and continue to cycle through these videos in the hope of an answer for healing


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Find Out The Source

  • Be discriminating in who puts the advice up.
  • If it's a medically licensed professional, find out what organization they belong to and see what their background is, what their area of expertise is, and what other official information is out there on what they know.
  • Seek out other medical professionals' content to see what the majority is saying.


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  • Seek out and engage with content that references reputable institutional sources.
  • If what you are hearing or seeing is reputable, you’re going to see it in reputable publications.
  • Mainstream publications that have large volume.
  • Medical publications or channels that are geared towards providing unbiased clinical information.


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TikTok And Facebook: The Platform Matters

Shorter formats make it harder to discuss complex, nuanced topics and answer difficult health questions

Red Flags Extremes:

  • Quick fixes
  • Substance intake
  • Aesthetic
  • Language

Content beginning or ending with a disclaimer encouraging viewers to see or consult with a medical professional is a safer bet.


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  • While general advice can be helpful, your physician knows your history and the other factors attached to your personal health.
  • Everything has to be put into context as it pertains to your individual case, because healthcare is individualized.
  • Bring any information you've come across or want to integrate into your own life to your next visit.


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