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How to Live a Peaceful Life

How to Live a Peaceful Life


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How to Live a Peaceful Life

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1. You can't control everything.

The only thing you can control is YOUR life. You can't control how people behave, react or how they think. You can'control everything that happens around you. So go with a flow and take a stand for things you want or don't want. And controlling everything is exhausting, so let go.


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2. Forgive and forget.

You know how mentally draining it is to hold grudges or stick to fights? Yes, people do really bad things to us sometimes. And the best way to overcome that is by first grieving, giving yourself adequate time to get over whatever happened. Then, instead of bad-mouthing them or playing victim, let go. You'll realise by forgiving them, you are doing good to yourself.


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3. People rarely ever change.

This is one of the hardest things to accept for someone who really believes that love and kindness can change people. People don't change. If they are used to behaving in a certain way all their life, it's hard to see the world differently. People have been raised in certain ways and rarely do they overcome that. Just let them be. It's not on you to change them.


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4. Stop living your life in order to please others.

If you do everything to make other people happy, the only unhappy person in the end will be you. Is that worth it?look


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5. Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Right now, if you can think of even one person to call or run to when something goes wrong, you are better off than 95% of people out there. Because the reality is, we always have more than we value. So appreciate everything you have, nurture that love and surround yourself with it. Don't expect because expectations lead to direct disappointment.


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6. Kindness reciprocates.

Make kindness your vibe. Make people feel mad good around you even if they have nothing to offer you. Good deeds are karmic, so if you give good, you get good


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7. Walk away from anything that doesn't serve you.

If something is bringing out the worst in you, making you a bitter person, depriving you of everything that makes you unique, please walk away. Your future self will be thanking you years from now. Put yourself first. Choose you. Choose peace.


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8. Worrying doesn't make tomorrow's problems vanish.

Besides inflicting physical damage to your body, unwanted worrying and stress also takes away your peace. So stop and just breathe. If something is not in your control, just walk away


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9. Know your worth.

Understand your worth. Because that will help you filter out people who belittle you


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10. Just live, you don't need to figure out life all the time.

Do yourself a favour and stop figuring out all the time where you will be in the next 5 or 10 years. Do you realise the kind of stress you put yourself through when you do that? The energy that entails? Develop a list of goals and work towards them. But please don't stop living. Go on that vacation. Spend time with your mom. Gift your dad whatever he wants. Just be content and live.


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