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Stores Are Using Music to Make You Spend More

Stores Are Using Music to Make You Spend More


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Stores Are Using Music to Make You Spend More

Stores Are Using Music to Make You Spend More

  • Stores use sights, smells, sounds, and other stimuli in combination to produce particular atmospheres
  • In some cases, the place itself is more influential than the product itself in the purchase decision
  • For example, to create an upscale atmosphere, a manager might choose classical music, subdued colors, elegant perfumes, cool temperatures, sparsely displayed merchandise, and low lighting


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The Ideal Volume

  • Music on top of noise is just more noise.
  • Shoppers tend to spend less time in the store when the music is loud, and more when it is soft.
  • There was no statistically significant difference in the amount of money customers spent in each of these scenarios.
  • Music volume only affected the amount of time people spent in stores, not sales volume. So if you manage a store with limited floorspace, or run a restaurant with limited seating, the strategic use of loud(er) music might help you better manage your customer flow.


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The Tempo

  • The tempo of a store’s background music can influence both the pace of customer traffic flow and sales volume.
  • Fast (uptempo) music makes people move more quickly through a store, and they end up buying less.
  • Slow (downtempo), on the other hand, leads to slower shoppers, which in turn leads to shoppers having more time to discover and interact with more products.


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Play Slow And Sad Songs!

  • You can fine-tune the background music of a store by paying attention to the modes of the songs you're playing.
  • The best tempo/mode combination for boosting sales at a supermarket: Downtempo and minor.
  • People buy more when there are slow sad songs playing in the background.


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The Music Genre

  • Music is not simply a generic sonic mass, but a complex chemistry of controllable elements.
  • What works in one store might not work in another.
  • The genre of music you play might end up trumping all of the quantifiable characteristics of your store's ambience.


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White Noise

  • Retail soundscapes consist of more than just music.
  • Stores engage in audio atmospherics which go beyond songs.
  • White noise is perhaps the most well-known variety of this non-musical background sound.
  • In office settings, the sound of people talking can be heard as well.
  • Natural sounds like birdsong and wind can be just as effective as white noise.


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Come on feel the noise. Girls rock your boys. We’ll get wild, wild, wild. Wild, wild, wild!


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The End Note

When it comes to satisfying customer eardrums, WWB works best: Wind, water, and birdsong.

Natural sounds can be just as effective as (if not more effective than) traditional options for providing ambient noise.


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