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The surprising link between lively music and sustainable shopping

The surprising link between lively music and sustainable shopping


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The surprising link between lively music and sustainable shopping

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Sustainable green purchases

Some researchers point out that the choice of music in advertisements plays a vital role in convincing consumers that a product is green and that they should purchase it.

A 2022 study found that using major-mode music with a fast templo in advertising helps consumers to buy the product.

Modes are scale patterns with different melodic characteristics. The tempo is the speed of a piece. Major scales are usually associated with happiness while minor scales are perceived as more melancholy.


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Advertising music can play a vital role in driving consumers to purchase green products.

Researchers found that music with a major scale pattern of over 94 beats per minute made consumers more likely to buy an eco-friendly product, regardless of the advertised product or the consumer's music background. A lack of music or slower, more fearful music didn't have the same impact.

However, the scope of the study only focused on green products, but what makes a product green may vary.


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Companies use musical advertising cues for greenwashing

Greenwashing is a marketing practice where companies mislead consumers about the environmental benefits or sustainability of a particular product or service.

Ads could use music to appeal to consumers so they feel more positive about the brand, even though they don't get factual information. Consumers may not recognise their feeling is caused by the music.


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It’s crucial to focus on reducing consumers’ barriers to sustainable consumption. The purchase of green products shouldn't depend on the consumers' attitude towards green products.

  • Companies should make engaging in sustainable behaviours more convenient for consumers.
  • It's also important to ensure that "sustainability" is not associated with "expensive."


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Though more and more companies are adopting sustainability initiatives and goals, they must recognize how to engage consumers effectively. Social influence can be a powerful tool for encouraging consumers to adopt sustainable behaviors, but the tactic is most effective when others can observe the behaviors.