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Getting work done in a world of distraction

Getting work done in a world of distraction


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Getting work done in a world of distraction

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Productivity should power the hybrid workplace

Productivity is not about doing more work. It is the ability to complete a set amount of work in less time. However, a non-stop stream of notifications during the workday can impact productivity.

Research shows that it takes a person 23 minutes to regain their prior level of thought once they are distracted. Pivoting to a quick task such as answering a message often takes longer than the actual task.


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Productive employees can get work done with fewer resources in less time.

Here's how you can build and maintain a productive business:

  • At the leadership level, clarify goals and priorities for all employees. This ensures the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time, not wasting time on less important work.
  • In the product realm, companies must be biased toward action rather than perfection.
  • At the employee level,  people need to prioritize their work within different quadrants of an "urgent by important matrix."


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