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The 5-Hour Rule To Be Successful

The 5-Hour Rule To Be Successful


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The 5-Hour Rule To Be Successful

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What Is Five-hour Rule ?

The five-hour rule was coined by Michael Simmons, founder of Empact, who has written about it widely. The concept is wonderfully simple: No matter how busy successful people are, they always spend at least an hour a day — or five hours a work week — learning or practicing. And they do this across their entire career.

The five-hour can be embraced by breaking the rule into three parts :


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1) Read

Reading can give you a good head start; this is often what your peers cannot obtain. Compared to others, readers are more likely to know other industries' strategies and tactics. Even if you can't commit to an hour or more of reading every day, start with 20 to 30 minutes. You could also try audiobooks during your daily commute or when exercising.


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2) Reflect

The five-hour rule also includes reflecting and thinking. This could be just staring at the wall or jotting down your thoughts. Focusing on the past gives you a chance to learn from mistakes you've made, as well as assess what you did correctly. As a result, you'll be better suited to achieve your goals and improve your life.


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3) Experiment

The third and final part is rapid experimentation. We have Gmail because Google allowed employees to experiment with new ideas.The reason experiments are so useful is because you have facts, not assumptions. Experiments show you what's working.

By investing in a reading habit, you can ensure you're growing yourself — and your company — every day.


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A five-year study of more than 200 self-made millionaires found that they don't watch TV. Instead, an impressive 86 percent claimed they read — but not just for fun. What's more, 63 percent indicated they listened to audiobooks during their morning commute. So how do they find the time to read daily? They adhere to the five-hour rule.