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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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The 3 stages of Failure in Life/Work <and how to fix them>

People plan for success but be confused and oblivious as to how they failed.

Below I have compiled some of the main reasons why people may fall short of their goals


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Stage 1: Failure of Tactics

These are HOW mistakes - They occur when you fail to build a set of tasks/ routines or when you forget to measure your growth carefully and get lazy with the details.

A failure of Tactics is a failure to execute a good plan and a clear vision


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Stage 2: Failure of Strategy

These are WHAT mistakes - They occur when you follow a strategy that fails to provide you with the result you hoped it would provide.

A failure of Strategy is a failure to build a robust set of routines


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Stage 3: Failure of Vision

These are WHY mistakes -They occur when you don't set a clear direction for yourself or follow a vision that doesn't fulfill you in the long run or otherwise fail to understand why you do the things you do

A failure of Vision is caused due to ignorance or have mediocre views on life


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Fix for - Failure of Tactics

Fix for - Failure of Tactics

There are three primary ways to fix the failure of tactics

  1. Record your process/Routine
  2. Measure your outcomes
  3. Review and adjust your tactics often
  • Recording your process - Recording your process/ Routine gives you an overview of where your routine is failing you and where you can make an improvement 
  • Measuring your outcome - Measuring your outcomes gives you a binary view of your routine -  Is it working for you or not. This helps you to alter your routine or make a new one altogether
  • Review and adjust your tactics - This is the CHANGE THAT TACTIC phase


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Fix for - Failure of Strategy

There are three primary ways to fix the failure of tactics

  1. Deploy it quickly
  2. Do it with dedication
  3. Revise it rapidly
  • Deploy it quickly - Once you have a strategy/Routine ready, don't delay in deploying that strategy for the next Monday
  • Do it with dedication - Be diligent and trust your routine and follow it every day
  • Revise it rapidly -   Always keep an eye on your routine and adjust it as and when needed


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Fix for - Failure of Vision

Fix for - Failure of Vision

There are three primary ways to fix the failure of tactics

  1. Take charge of your life
  2. Determine your Non-Negotiable
  3. Navigate criticism
  • Take charge of your life - People, most of the time follow the masses or so-called ideals set by society, parents, or social media, It is time to take charge of your life and set a vision you have for your life
  • Determine your Non-Negotiables - Your Non-Negotiables are those things you are not willing to budge on no matter what. This can be your values or your idea of life


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Fix for - Failure of Vision

  • Navigate Criticism - The moment you take charge of life, there will be showers of criticism pouring over you. Navigate criticism with your wit and don't take them seriously unless otherwise, it is truly for your benefit and you find sense in it.
  • Explain your ideas to your parents and mentors only don't bother about anyone else


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"We're all alone in this universe, helpless and worthless."..... atleast that's what we all think but time and time It's been proven that knowledge and like minded people are there all around us and we just need to open up our eyes to take a look around


These ideas give me an idea of how i failed and tips on solving them

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