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What experts says are the worst foods and drinks for brain health

What experts says are the worst foods and drinks for brain health


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What experts says are the worst foods and drinks for brain health

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Fruit juices and other sugary beverages

It’s time to cut back on juice and sugar-sweetened beverages.

The consumption of sugary beverages is blamed for lowering total brain volume and hippocampal volume.

It’s best to eat whole fruit instead of consuming it in drink form. The British Heart Foundation says blending fruit causes natural sugars “to be released from within the cell walls of the fruit and become ‘free sugars’” — with included added sugars like honey and maple syrup.


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Too much alcohol

Alcoholic beverages affect your brain’s communication pathways to a great extent. It becomes difficult for a person who drinks a lot of alcohol to remember things and process new data while leaving him depressed and disordered easily.

To avoid such damage to the brain, women should not drink more than one glass of alcohol and men should stick to two glasses in a day.


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Refined sugar

The gut contains beneficial bacteria known as the microbiota, which plays a key role in maintaining health in both the body and mind. These health benefits include mental health as well. This is known as the ‘gut-brain axis.

This line of communication works both ways, linking the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain with peripheral intestinal function. This connection makes it vitally important to keep the gut healthy and the microbiome in balance. Sugar in the diet can lead to gut dysbiosis [an imbalance].


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Refined grains

Refined grains elevate inflammation and can worsen one’s mental health.

Instead of eating refined grains with foods like pasta, opt for a more whole grain option to help-out your head.

Elevated levels of inflammation have been linked to mental health disorders, including depression and fatigue. 


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Diet soft drinks

If you think that diet soda is better for your brain, be warned.

Studies have shown even diet soft drinks, which some are led to believe are healthier options, have been tied to elevated brain inflammation and increased risk of depression. 


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Another type of foods to steer clear of to bolster brain health are the snacks that cause inflammation.

Junk, fried foods, sugary products and red meat are the enemies of your brain if you overindulge in them.


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Consuming too many calories

It may not a specific food or category of food, but, guzzling up too many calories regularly can potentially be bad news for brain health, according to experts.

In addition, overeating or consuming a lot of calories in a shorter period is linked with an increased risk of memory-related problems and overall cognitive impairment.

Overeating causes obesity that contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases, which are believed to be further causing Alzheimer’s and other brain illnesses.


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Neuroscience Quote

“Neuroscience is by far the most exciting branch of science because the brain is the most fascinating object in the universe. Every human brain is different - the brain makes each human unique and defines who he or she is.”

-Stanley B. Prusiner


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The gut and the brain are in constant two-way communication, and the health of one directly influences the health of the other. We rarely think about the impact food that we eat, on our brains, mood and energy levels. When inflammation is present in the gut, less energy is available to the brain and body.