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5 Life Altering Takeaways From The Book ‘DO EPIC SHIT’

5 Life Altering Takeaways From The Book ‘DO EPIC SHIT’


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5 Life Altering Takeaways From The Book ‘DO EPIC SHIT’

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1) We have only one life. But we don’t need to be one person.

This is one such inspirational thought that I really liked in this book. Most of us have many passions in our life and for 90% of us, our full-time job is not from one of those passions. It could be due to various reasons why we have chosen the one that we are doing instead of following our passions.

But you don’t need to define yourself to just one title, one designation for your entire life. You can still explore your other interests. You can still become an entrepreneur in addition to your day job.

You can still become an artist and sell your artwork online. If you are interested in creating content, writing online, you can still do these and earn money from your side hustle. You can continue this until your one identity changes from your day job to something else.

Don’t just define yourself to one role and one title. Explore your passions. You only have one life but you don’t need to live with just one identity.


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2)  Time goes away and leaves us with only two things

We always wanted to achieve a lot in our life, do something that interest us for so many years. We want to do those that have been waiting for years.

With every passing year, we will be disappointed that why we have not started. But as time flies, it will leave us only more and more regrets. A year from now you will never be sure of the results, but you can certainly be sure of the regret. So, Start today.


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3) Don’t live your life as a template?

Most of us will be living our life as a template that is doing the same things over and over again in our work life. When we say we have 10 years of experience, is it 10 years of experience or 1 year of experience done 10 times over and over?

Doing the same thing over and over a year does not make you gain experience in those years. Doing different things, things that are out of your comfort zone sums up the experience.

Do something that you have never done before. Keep pushing yourself and be ready to change.


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4) Your self-talk determines your self-worth

Who are we? We are all nothing but the stories we tell ourselves. You are determined by the things you think and the words you say to yourself.

If you tell yourself that you are not an achiever, you can never become more productive, you are that person. If you tell yourself that you can achieve all your goals by taking small steps you can handle any difficult things.

You become what you think about most of the time.


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5) No one is useless. Everyone knows something you don’t.

When we approach people with the mindset that they don’t know anything, we close all doors to learning something new. Only when we shut the door of our ego and be open to learning something new do we realize how much we don’t know.

As everyone has stories, each story comes with the knowledge that you don’t know.

True knowledge will come when you accept that you don't know much.


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Knowing that you don't know much is the best knowledge .


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These are my 5 takeaways from the book 'DO EPIC SHIT' by Ankur Warikoo