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Happiness At Work

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The Benefits

  • It increases your memory (of what you've written) and focus incredibly!
  • Understand information better and recall it quicker than others.
  • At the end, it boosts your creativity, and, you discover your own style of note-making.
  • You can re-write the notes from your laptop and become more efficient at remembering what you've learnt!


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The Cornell Method

The Cornell Method

  • It uses two columns. The first column is the "cue" (what is it that you are actually learning?)
  • The second column is the "note" (note down points that you want to remember)
  • The bottom includes a summary where you write down the brief summary of what you have learned. It could be lengthy or short depending on what you learned.
  • I suggest that you make your own Cornell notes and modify it to make it your own! here are the templates


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The Boxing Method

The Boxing Method

  • You note down important points (in your own words! Don't just copy-paste) in the boxes.
  • Divide the boxes depending on the length and content of the topic.
  • Use highlighters for important phrases and topics, or mark them as such.
  • You could create sub-boxes for lengthy/important topics.
  • Works well if you have a tablet because you can resize and make other changes easily. It's visually pleasing as well!
  • Don't forget to revise after every topic/chapter.


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Map Note-Making Method

Map Note-Making Method

  • Use this if you want to connect different concepts, keywords, or topics.
  • Mostly used for theoretical subjects.
  • Since it's messy, it could be difficult to find something you are looking for.
  • The best way to use it would be to combine it with Boxing Method or Cornell Method.
  • For example, the left-column could be used to define what you're learning.


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The End

There are other note-making methods. You can read the original article, or, find new, better ones. However, note-making will not be productive if you don't revise what you've learned. Everything starts with you! Use this for motivation :)


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I've learned that noting down everything is unnecessary and unproductive. Effective methods of note-making (I use a combination type) helps me remember all the important stuff!

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