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Getting 'Hangry' Is Real, Science Suggests

Getting 'Hangry' Is Real, Science Suggests


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Getting 'Hangry' Is Real, Science Suggests

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I'm Hangry(Hungry, And Therefore Angry)

"Hanger"-the at-times hard-to-pin-down emotion that combines hunger and anger-is a very real phenomenon. Previous research has investigated hanger in the lab. But a laboratory setting doesn't mirror everyday life, so researchers wanted to better understand the connection between Hunger and Anger out in the real world.


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Real World Survey

  • The results of the present study suggest that the experience of being hangry is real
  • Being hungry may cause folks to view the world more negatively in general
  • Past research has also linked low blood sugar with increased aggression, impulsivity and anger, as well as the release of stress hormones
  • Once folks recognize that they're feeling irritable because they're hungry, there's a simple solution to feeling better: grabbing a quick bite to eat


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