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Why the Journey Matters More Than Your Goal

Why the Journey Matters More Than Your Goal


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Why the Journey Matters More Than Your Goal

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Success Is A Journey Not A Destination.

Journey matters more then your goal.

6 tips for focusing on the journey


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1: Get Specific

With both your overall goal and your roadmap for getting there, it's important to be specific. Be specific in your action plan of how you are going to achieve them.


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2: Break It Down And Start Small

The best way to get gradually to your overarching goal is to break your goals into mini goals and mini milestones. You can't rely on motivation alone.


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3: Figure Out Your Blockers

What distracts you on day-to-day basis? What is holding you back?

Brainstorm some ideas, how you can get around your most frequent distraction and triggers, come up with some tactics to get yourself back on track if you lose your way.


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4:Reflect Daily

You have to work to keep journey in your mind. Actively thinking about it and reflecting on your motivations everyday will remind you of why you started in the first place.


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5: Carve Out Time

Maximizing productivity it is crucial to take breaks as is to working hard. Knowing when to step out of the flow to regroup and recharge can also give you bump to your effectiveness.


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6: Celebrate The Progress And Enjoy The Journey.

When you have big goal, It's tempting to think that you haven't succeeded until you achieved it. That anything short is failure, but this over looks the progress and accomplishments along the way.

The point is not to get better than others, It's to get better than the old version of yourself.


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Ergo Journey Matters More Than Any Goal Ever Could.

When It's not all about goal, you can take it all in( take what you have learned with you) If you reach your goal but then go back to your old ways, have you really gotten anything out of the experience.


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