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You're Dead To Me


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You're Dead To Me

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Julie who?

Julie d'Aubigny's  father might have worked in the stables of Louis XIV, maybe as an ex musketeer, anyway, a soldier good with horses.

She moves to Versailles following her dad at about 9 years old where she witnessed some of the greatness of Louis XIV's court.

Her hobbies are riding and fencing. For practical reasons she would dress in boys clothes and she would kick ass with a sword.

She was also an opera singer and she saw opera performances hosted in the Versailles stables. Quite some stables, apparently.


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She has a very busy a sex life

She becomes a mistress of her dad's boss: she's 14 and he's 46. Gasp!

Then she get's married off just to keep up appearances (husband sent away, while she stays in Paris with the old dude). Get's another lover, this time a more adventurous guy, a fencer. They flee Paris together because he does an illegal duel.

They become a duo fencer. They flee to Marseille where they give fencing demonstrations. Julie does mixed gender fighting while wearing men's clothing, so people assume she's a bloke. When people misgender her, she flashes her boobs, silencing the crowd. Gasp, again!


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Woman lover

Her dad and her official husband are not around, so she's more in charge of herself than other women in her time.

She sings duets with the adventurous guy in the Marseille opera and gets admired for her low voice and her beauty.

Then she gets herself a new lover: a woman this time, a daughter of a local merchant. They fall in love, but her family sends her to a convent. Julie enters the convent as a novice and then they escape when a fellow nun dies and they steal her body and burn it. They escape while the nuns try to put out the fire. They get caught and Julie dodges an execution.


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Famous & very busy sex life again

She is challenged to a duel by a dude who doesn't know she's a woman and she wounds him. Then she takes care of him, and not surprisingly, they become lovers for a while.

She's off to Poitiers next where she's taking singing lessons.

Meets a baritone singer, becomes her lover, goes back to Paris. Get hired to the Opera. She's only 17 by this time (talk about really living!!!). Now is when she takes her stage name Mademoiselle La Maupin.

She's a star.


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Temper and fights and more lovers

Goes to a Paris party dressed as a man and kisses a woman. She get's asked to a duel by some jealous men whom she defeats.

She then runs to Brussels and gets involved with a Bavarian prince like figure. Maximilian, the princely dude, can't handle her and tries to give her money just to go away. Auch! She doesn't take them and leaves.

She obviously had a temper and allegedly attacked her landlord when he refuses to make her dinner (hangry much?). No judging, I would do the same! :))

She beats an actor who tries to seduce her because he's too pushy (wohoo!).


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Finally true love (but also death)

A bit of opera is written for her where the main character is not a soprano (quite unusual). The character is a muslim sword fighting woman. A lot like Julie wouldn't you say?

Finally in 1703 she falls in real love with Madame la Marquise de Florensac (a super beauty) and they live together for 2 years in total happiness,  until the Marquise falls ill and dies (soooo saaad).

Ironically, it is said that Julie entered a convent (again with the nuns) where she dies at 33. Talk about living fully.


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Julie d'Aubigny seems to have been quite a character for her time. A famous bisexual sword fighting opera singer who had tones of lovers, amazing success in her career, and managed to find true love, even if short lived.