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Writing is Networking for Introverts | by Byrne Hobart

Writing is Networking for Introverts | by Byrne Hobart


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Writing is Networking for Introverts | by Byrne Hobart

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Introversion and a poor ability to recognize people make networking an absolute minefield for introverts. You’re going to have a somewhat painful conversation with someone you don’t know, groping for some sort of common ground, or you’re going to have an even more awkward conversation with someone you’ve already talked to.


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When famous, You lose the ability to filter out who you want to talk to, but at least everyone starts the conversation with some context; you’re outsourcing the extroversion to them.

Fame is hard, and it has other costs. But there’s a second alternative: be micro-famous. Microfame is the best kind of fame because it combines an easier task (be famous to fewer people) with a better outcome (be famous to the right people).


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Focus on the micro, not the fame. Micro-fame just means your friends-of-friends have a nonzero chance of knowing who you are and striking up a conversation with you about something mutually interesting.

To an introvert, this is nirvana:

  • You don’t have to introduce yourself to anyone.
  • You don’t have to conversationally grope around for something to talk about.
  • Your conversational partners are pre-selected for having shared obscure interests.


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There are a couple of problems with this, one of which is that plenty of normal people do this, too, just for broader interests: there’s a difference of kind, not degree, between someone who only wants to talk about weather, sports, and national politics on the one hand, and someone who only wants to talk about computational biology.

But a side effect of the writing-as-networking strategy is that writing about your other interests gets other people interested.


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You’re not just identifying neighbors in your intellectual ghetto; you’re recruiting more


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