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What keeping secrets does to you

What keeping secrets does to you


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What keeping secrets does to you

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Secrets and Lies

We hide stuff from other people because we are afraid of intimacy, ashamed of our past, and what does secrecy cost us?

Michael Slepian, a psychologist at Columbia University, has spent a decade studying secrets and has a lot to say about what they are and what motivates them.


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I Know A Secret

The hardest part of keeping a secret isn’t hiding it in conversation, it’s having to live with the secret alone and being unsure whether you’re doing the right thing.

Most common secrets include romantic desire, money and finances, family secrets, secret ambitions, and violating another person’s trust.


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Keep Or Not To Keep

We hold secrets back for the right reasons.

Sometimes it's just too soon to reveal something, but like a week later, it's better to reveal it.

The question is, when is that the right thing to do?

Is this a one-time issue and it's not going to come up again, there are folks who advise you to say, yeah, don’t reveal it because this is not some larger problem.

If this is something that's continuously happening, then it's a much bigger deal to be holding this issue back.


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