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How To Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself

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High Highs And Low Lows

High Highs And Low Lows

In classical mechanics, a harmonic oscillator is a system that tries to maintain equilibrium (homeostasis).

The 80/20 of what you need to know is that when equilibrium is displaced, it bounces back in the same amount in the opposite direction and eventually brings itself back to equilibrium.

Our mind:

The high highs that we grow to look forward to in life are always followed by a low low. Always. If you don’t recognize it as a low low – congratulations, you have developed a certain level of mindfulness when interacting with the battles that come while you are deep in the trenches.


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The Mind

The Mind

Our mind is a network of complex systems that have been conditioned over time through positive and negative feedback. That’s how systems work, right?

  • If you receive negative feedback, you won’t do that again.
  • If you receive positive feedback, you will do that again.

If you consistently receive positive feedback for doing one specific thing, it becomes engrained in your psyche. The action, belief, or thought pattern becomes habitual. They happen on autopilot.


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Reconstruct The Mind

Reconstruct The Mind

 The malleable nature of our mind can be very dangerous (when unconscious) or very beneficial (when conscious).

This shows that we have the power to recondition, reprogram, or rewire our brain — but our harmonic oscillator of a mind won’t let us off that easy.


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The Layers Of Identity

The Layers Of Identity

If you want to change your life, you must change your identity.

A healthy person does not see eating healthy as a chore. They ARE a person that eats healthy. There is no other option. It is enjoyable to them.

A businessman does not see focused work as a burden every morning. They ARE a person who gets work done every morning.

Changing your beliefs, identity, and life is not as simple as it sounds.


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We Don't Have The Old Problems

We Don't Have The Old Problems

The human psyche is wired for survival. When your beliefs, identity, or life is threatened — the brain signals the body, your focus starts to narrow, and you give a bit too much attention to the thoughts flooding your mind. Equilibrium is displaced and your mind starts reacting accordingly to bring you back to homeostasis.

The problem is that we live in a completely different world than our ancestors. We are rarely threatened on a physical level. Most of us have shelter, access to food, and the ability to make a living.


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How To Reinvent Yourself: Hit rock bottom

How To Reinvent Yourself: Hit rock bottom

By feeling into the lowest of lows in your life, you start to become fed up with your life situation.

You become hyper aware of what is holding you back. You dig deep into the layers of your identity and find just the right piece to remove in order to launch in the opposite direction.

This comes with a lot of pain and suffering — and is often uncontrollable. Burning down your metaphorical city may cause some deeper issues leading to another rock bottom years later in life.


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How to Reinvent Yourself: Stack Small Wins

How to Reinvent Yourself: Stack Small Wins

Everybody has heard of James Clear’s “One Percent Better Everyday” mantra.

It holds a lot of power.

When you reconstruct your city piece by piece, you build what would be New Seattle (without having to burn down half the city).

Where do you begin?

By getting crystal clear on your vision and anti-vision.


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Negativity Bias Can Be Used for Good

Negativity Bias Can Be Used for Good

If you don’t know what you want, understand what you don’t want and work in the opposite direction.

Thanks to our brain's negativity bias, it is easy to observe what you don’t want and start working in the opposite direction.

When you outline a vision for your future, it will shine the light of awareness on your blindspots.

  • If you are lost, the answer is education.
  • If you are educated, the answer is action.
  • If you are acting, the answer is consistency.


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Working Backwards

Working Backwards

As you reverse engineer your vision into 10-year, 1-year, and monthly goals — you start to gain clarity on what you need to do in order to actualize that vision.

Now, we can break things down into priority tasks.

From there — and by far the most important step — is reducing the friction of taking action.

What is the smallest mental, physical, emotional, or financial step you can take?

Is it putting on your gym shoes and walking out the door?

Is it moving one leg and getting off of the couch?

Is it investing $25 into a course to show you are serious about improving your skill set?


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Actively Construct Your Life

Actively Construct Your Life

 Life is chaotic. Ordering consciousness through vision and goal setting is how we gain a sense of certainty and control over our life.

Since we are in an age similar to 5th century BC — there is information and an abundance of ideas circulating our world. People are losing trust in externally assigned hierarchies of goals whether it be from corporate culture, organized religions, or formal education.

Because of this, you must play an active role in constructing your life. This requires personal responsibility, massive self-belief, and the realization that nobody is coming to save you.


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If You Want Something, Go Get It

If You Want Something, Go Get It

It is in your hands to collect and organize the abundant information in the world and organize it in a way that will result in a fulfilling income source, radiating health, an ordered mind, and a connected spirit.

Most of your limitations are self-imposed. If you want something, there’s always a way – your mind just won’t let you see it.


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Your Life Is A Project

Your Life Is A Project

  • If you believe you are in the middle of a storm, you will be.
  • If you believe you are having fun on a roller coaster of waves, you will have fun.

How do you actively construct your life?

Through consciousness, creativity, and intention.

The easiest way to do this is by treating every facet of your life as a project.


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The Notebook

The Notebook

Here is all you need to start changing your life:

  • Purchase a blank notebook
  • In big letters write “My Scientific Journal”
  • Treat your mind, body, spirit, and business as a lifelong project
  • Note observations, test small changes, analyze the results, and double down on what works
  • Stay conscious and aware through silent observation.
  • Self-educate to expand awareness and uncover new paths.
  • Hypothesize and experiment with solutions that will solve your problems.
  • Analyze the result and get feedback.
  • Document a replicable process that can help other people and bring you more feedback.
  • Rinse and repeat.


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Solve the problem or leave the problem. But…… Do not live with the problem.


Life is a project and all you need is a notepad to reconstruct it.


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