5 Mistakes Procrastinators Make (And How To Avoid Them...) - Deepstash
5 Mistakes Procrastinators Make (And How To Avoid Them...)

5 Mistakes Procrastinators Make (And How To Avoid Them...)

Curated from: Ali Abdaal

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1. Not Knowing the Difference between real or fake Procrastination

You have to realize that sometimes it is procrastination and sometimes it is just you allocating time in a more effective way. You must realize whether you are actually procrastinating or do you genuinely don't have enough time 

One suggestion is saying that it doesn't count as procrastination unless you planned to do the activity


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2. Beating Ourselves Up

We as humans naturally procrastinate because we are always thinking of benefiting ourselves in the short term rather than the long term. So when we realize that we are procrastinating it makes no sense to be mad at ourselves rather we should acknowledge we are procrastinating and make the conscious decision whether we are going to continue procrastinating or rather go and accomplish our life goal.


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3. We Press The Try Harder Button

If we realize that we are not doing what we are supposed to do rather than just saying "I need to try harder" and " This isn't good enough" We should instead focus on changing how we go about doing things. We need to learn to make things easier for ourselves

Trying harder is rarely ever the solution 


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4. We Treat Ourselves As Humans Rather Than Systems

If we have the mindset that, I am a human I can just try harder and accomplish anything I set my mind to we will undoubtedly fail here are some steps that we should take instead

  1. Make it easier for ourselves to accomplish the goal that we want by telling other people, making a reward system or many other ways.


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5. Trying To Push The Bolder Up The Hill

If you already don't want to accomplish the goal, or you hate doing the task and you feel like you have to do it. The chances you will fail will be very high

Humans only have a limited amount of willpower available to them each day, so make sure that you figure out ways to enjoy the tasks that you have to do. 


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Summary Of Post

Procrastination is a very interesting topic, with a lot of information about it here are 5 things that many people mistake about procrastination

  1. Not Knowing the Difference between real or fake Procrastination

2. Beating Ourselves Up

3. We Press The Try Harder Button 

4. We Treat Ourselves As Humans Rather Than Systems


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