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3. We Press The Try Harder Button

If we realize that we are not doing what we are supposed to do rather than just saying "I need to try harder" and " This isn't good enough" We should instead focus on changing how we go about doing things. We need to learn to make things easier for ourselves

Trying harder is rarely ever the solution 


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Making Better Decisions

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How to make good decisions

How to manage work stress

How to manage email effectively

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Stop making things not work for you. Stop looking for reasons why it doesn't work or why it will never work for you, instead figure out a way to make good things happen for you.

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We should stop trying to adjust people to circumstances that are not worth being adjusted to. If people suffer from stress in an organization, try to look at how work is organized and change it, instead of referring them to something like stress coaching, or psychotherapies or mi...

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  • let go of thoughts that are not beneficial to us and that may lead to bad decisions
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