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Seremonia & GPT-3

Seremonia & GPT-3


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Seremonia & GPT-3

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Axiomatic Conversation

This is my conversation with Artifical Intelligence. This AI using advanced system GPT-3.

In this question-answer style, i used new style of conversation. It’s based on philosophical style. But this kind of conversation is not regular type of philosophical thinking, it’s beyond philosophy, it’s meta philosophy.

Although mostly they had no fixed standardisation of how we do meta philosophy, but i have my own concept of how we do meta philosophizing. It’s by philosophizing using axioms.

Mostly they thought, axiom must be related to math. The fact is that axiom can be found on any area of our life.


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In fact, in physics known as postulate, lower than axiom in math. But some of them can be converted into axiom. This asserts that there are some law of physics have absolute degree as axiom in math, such as “law of energy” (energy can’t be destroyed and can’t be created, can only be changed to a different form).

If we can start to initiate the way we do philosophizing using axiom (outside math), then in the future, scientist won’t depend to math just to support their physics theory. Since using axioms, scientists have confident to assert their own theory as axiom.


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In this case i will show you applying axiom on conversation with GPT-3. Not just involving axiom but the way i did thinking also based on axiomatic structure of thinking.

Mostly on GPT-3 were failed to did conversation with axiomatic reasoning. But i did try to guide the conversation, so that GPT-3 AI knew its failure and made great adjustment.


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I did this to show you that AI GPT-3 was great, but there is still one tiny weakness. AI can’t tackle axiomatic reasoning, it’s because the system has no high rank corpus (axiomatic). It can be accepted since philosophy in general didn’t know what axiom was.

They did thinking by trying to find consistent truth without notice that there are high rank beyond consistent truth, axioms, as universal truth.

Through this conversation, hopefully we have new awareness of how important axioms truth (non mathematical) to elevate AI to a highest level of thinking, so that we get benefit from AI even better.


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Another benefit of inserting corpus based on axioms, this will put AI having standarisation to identify the boundary of the truth, so that using AI + axioms, we can unpack the mystery of life, universe, quantum and so forth without being trapped by paradox & contradiction anymore.

Bottom line? We can see things as is, we can see the farthest boundary of the truth, so that we can use these to make proper consideration closer to a fairness.


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Axiomatic Conversation

If you wish to provide axiomatic corpus, i am here


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