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How to outsmart 99% of job applicants

How to outsmart 99% of job applicants

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Be A Purple Cow

Be A Purple Cow

A successful business and job search tip from Seth Godin's "Purple Cow."

In today's world, traditional marketing and job seeking methods are no longer effective. Instead, make yourself stand out, just like a purple cow. Here's how:

  • Send a video CV
  • Use graphics or bold colors in your application
  • Get creative with your cover letter - write it as a short story

Think about what will catch someone's attention and make them look twice. Be unique and memorable - the key to success.


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The Power of Weak Connections for Job Hunting

The Power of Weak Connections for Job Hunting

We often hear that it's not what you know, but who you know when it comes to job hunting. However, did you know that people we barely know are more helpful in finding jobs than those we're close to? This is because our strong ties are too similar to us, while weak ties expose us to new ideas, information, and opportunities. In fact, a study found that weak ties are responsible for most job positions. So don't underestimate the power of weak connections in your job search!


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<p>In our DNA, humans have bee...

In our DNA, humans have been storytelling for centuries. Stories stick with us and impact our brains in a way that facts and data can't. Incorporate storytelling into your job hunting strategy to boost your chances of getting hired.

Sharing personal stories in your resume and interview allows you to connect with the recruiter on a deeper level. Our brains are wired to respond to emotions, making storytelling a powerful way to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Don't underestimate the power of storytelling in your job search.


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The competition for great jobs is fiercer than ever. Research shows that, on average, 250 candidates apply for each job, but only five or six get an interview. And as technology advances, AI will put more jobs at risk. You need to do all you can to stand out and beat the competition.

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