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Awaken the Giant Within


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Awaken the Giant Within

by Anthony Robbins

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Here are few pointers from the book.

In life, Lot of people know what to do but few people do what they know

Know that its your decision not your condition that determines your destiny

Most people can experience pain yet fail to change because they haven’t experienced enough pain

Most of us base our decisions about what to do and whats going to create pain or pleasure in the short term instead of long term.

We are not driven by reality but perception of our reality.

Three categories of Beliefs.


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Opinion is sth we feel relatively certain about, but the crrtainty is only temporary because it can be changed easily.


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A belief, on the other hand, is formed when we begun to develop a much larger base of reference legs, and especially reference legs about which we have strong emotion


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Conviction however, eclipses a belief, primarily because of the emotional intensity a person links to an idea.

Someone with a conviction is so passionate about their beliefs that they’re even willing to risk rejection or make a fool of themselves for the sake of their conviction.

How can we create a conviction?

-start with the basic belief

-reinforce your belief with a new and powerful references

-Finally, take action. Each action you tale strengthen your commitments and raise the level of emotional intensity.


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