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"Compound effect" by Darren Hardy

it's not the fastest who wins the race but Slow and steady wins the race'. Because of the consistency.

Compound effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.

At every point of time we have choice to choose go ahead or stop doing what we are doing. And what we choose at that point of time results in future.


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The most interesting thing about compound effect is that even thogh the results are massive, the steps, in the moment, don't feel significant. This principle, we can use for improving health, relationships, finances, or anything , however the changes are very subtle.

These small changes offer littl3 or no immediate resuly, no big win, no obvious but in the long run, it creates great results.

Most of the people tripped up and give up so early because they dont see any immediate results.


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But the reality is that even one small change can have a significant impact that causes an unexpected and unintended ripple effect.

Compount effect can also work in negative way and can create a ripple effect thay impacts our entire life.



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The most challenging aspects of compound effect is that we keep working away for a while, consistently and efficiently, before we can begin to see the pay off. We need to understand that real and lasting success requires work and lots of it. Most of us loses our patience in the beginning and stop doing what we are doing because we don’t see any results. When we understand how compound effect work, we won’t pine for quick fixes or silver bullets. Every successful people in the world have gone through that consistent work. Believing that success comes easily is our biggest mistake.


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Compound effect is always working. You can choose to work it for you or you can ignore it and experience the negative effects of this powerful principles. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, starting today, you can decide to make simple, positive changes and allow the compound effect take you where you want to go.,


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We all come into this world in a same way, after that whatever happens to us it because of the choices we make for ourselves. The choices we make can be our best friend or worst enemy.

Everything that existed in our life because first we make that choices. Each choice starts a behaviour that over time becomes a habit. If you choose poorly then you find yourself to make other new harder choice, better don’t even make those choices. Because every choice and decision have compound effect in our life, whether it be go to college, whom to marry, gossip or stay silent,…..


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Biggest challenges for us are that we aren’t aware that we are making choices. Our choices are often shaped by our culture and upbringing, and it can be so tangled in our routine behaviour that they seem beyond our control.

Nobody wants to sabotage their life’s but we all make stupid choice or series of small choices that ultimately creates consequences in our life.

We never get bitten by Elephant, have we? But mosquito? Yes, it’s a small and little thing in life that bite us.

Compound effect always works, either in a good way or bad way.



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Owning 100 Percent

We are all self-made men and women, but only the successful take credit for it. Most people don’t take responsibility of what happened to them. However, we have to be willing to give 100 percent with zero expectation of receiving anything in return.

Only when you’re willing to take 100 percent responsibility for making the relationship work will it work. Otherwise, a relationship left to chance will always be vulnerable to disaster.


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Take 100 percent responsibility for all of the choice you made and the way you responded what happened to you.

You alone are responsible for what you do, don’t do, or how you respond to what’s done to you. If it was to be, it was up to me.


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Getting Lucky

Thinking that we are simply unlucky is just another excuse. The difference between becoming fabulously rich, happy, and healthy, or broke, depressed, and unhealthy, is the choices you make throughout life. Nothing else will make the difference.

We’re all lucky. If you are on the right side of the dirt, have your health, and a little food in your cupboard, you are incredibly lucky. Everyone has the opportunity to be “lucky,” because beyond having the basics of health and sustenance, luck simply comes down to a series of choices


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The (Complete) Formula for Getting Lucky:

Preparation (personal growth) + Attitude (belief/mindset) + Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) + Action (doing something about it) = Luck


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No matter what has happened to you-good or bad, victory or defeat, take complete responsibility for it. Own it.

The day you graduate from childhood to adulthood is the day you take full responsibility for your life. Choose to be 100 percent responsible for your life. Eliminate all your excuse. Embrace the fact that you are freed by your choices, as long as you assume personal responsibility for them.


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Pick an area of your life where you most want to be successful and picture where you want to be; richer, thinner, happier, …… The first step toward change is awareness. If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, you have to start by becoming aware of the choices that lead you away from your desired destination. Become very conscious of every choice you make today so you can begin to make smarter choices moving forward.


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Track every action that relates to that are of your life you want to improve. Carry around a small notebook, something you’ll keep in your pocket or purse at all times, and a writing instrument. You’re going to write it all down. Every day. Without fail. No excuses, no exceptions.

The magic is not in the complexity of the task; the magic is in the doing of simple things repeatedly and long enough to ignite the miracle of the Compound Effect.

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not.


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Money TRAP

We spend money life drunken fool and don’t even know how to account for. Tracking where we are spending money create awareness in us and be aware of the choice we make and disciplines around money. Track each and everything-even a cent of spending what you eat, drink everything that give you awareness of how you related to your money and get out of that money TRAP.


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Keep It Slow And Easy

Just start with one habit for one week. Start easy. Pick the habit that has the greatest control over you. If you want to lose weight, then write down everything you put in your mouth. Then over a week you will be shocked to know how mmuch calories have been escaping you.

A cup of coffee, $4 a day that you have is going to cost you $51,833.79 in twenty years. Ask yourself today, do you really need to stop for coffee again??


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Every dollar we spend today, now matter where we spend it, is costing us nearly five dollars in next 20 years.

‘Is having a coffee once every workday worth the eventual price of a Mercedes-Benz?’



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The Unsung And Unseen Heroes

Once you start tracking your life, your attention will be focused on the smallest things you’re doing right, as well as the smallest things you’re doing wrong. And when you choose to make even the smallest course corrections consistently, over time, you’ll begin to see amazing results. But don’t expect immediate fanfare, nobody will applause anytime soon or congratulating you but the compound effect will pay over time.

To win the race, there is not much different between the first and second but there is thousands of miles race have been compounded.

Have a good day


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Take A Walk

Be committed to walk a few extra miles consistently and see the ripple effect in outcome.

It doesn't take a long to just give a word if appreciation but if you do it consistently then you can see the transformation in that person, over the time, it will compound in his/her performance. So are you will to walk an extra mile and give that little appreciation daily to someone who is doing good in their job?


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Money💰 Tree🌳

What will you choose- to buy one more starbucks coffee or instead make your own coffee and save rest of the money?

It's a little little choice we make in every penny today make a hugr difference in future.

Saving your 10% income today as if you have never earn that money and invest it.

If you think after all your expenses you wont left with any extra money. Try track your every expenses and try to cut on those unnecessary expense and save it, even if it's a doller. Invest in your personal growth and you will have a ripple effect in your finance later on.


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Saving a doller amount a day or spend it .. is the little choice we make which have a huge difference later on.


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Time If OF The Essense

The earlier you start making small changes, the more powerfully the Compound Effect works in your favor. We can always start later but we would have get better if we start earlier but we can do it with double effort. So don’t wait another day to start the small disciplines that will lead you in the direction of your goals!


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Success Is A (Half-) Marathon

Success Is a (Half-) Marathon:

Start tracking at least one behavior in one area of your life ?

you’d like to change and improve (e.g., money, nutrition, fj tness, recognizing others, parenting… any area).

Your life is a products of your moment-to-moment choices, you have incredible power to change your life by changing those choices. Step by step, day by day, your choices will shape your actions until they become habits, where practice makes them permanent.


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Losing is a habit. So is winning. Now let’s work on permanently instilling winning habits into your life. Eliminate sabotaging habits and instill the needed positive habits, and you can take your life in any direction you desire, to the heights of your greatest imagination.


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Creature Of Habit

Our habits has the power over life and what we do in life. The older the habit, the harder it get to leave behind. And sometimes when our habits become unavoidable, we don’t even try to do different things as it is harder to leave our old habit.


Aristotle once said, ‘we are what we repeatedly do.’ A habit is an acquired mode of behaviour that has become nearly or completely involuntary.

Most of us are riding the horse of our habits without knowing where we are heading. It’s time to take control of the reins and move your life in the direction of where you really want to go.


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Understand why you are letting your habits to live an autopilot life. We can let ourselves of the hook because 95 percent of everything we feel, think, do and achieve is a result of a learned habit! We’re born with instincts, of course, but no habits at all. We develop them over time.

Habits can be helpful—as long as they’re good habits, that is. A daily routine built on good habits is the difference that separates the most successful amongst us from everyone else.


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With enough practice and repetition, any behaviour, good or bad, becomes automatic over time. That means that even though we developed most of our habits unconsciously, we can consciously decide to change them. It stands to reason that since you learned every habit you have, you can also unlearn the ones that aren’t serving you well


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Start by Thinking Your Way Out of the Instant Gratification Trap

We humans are rational people but we are enslaved by so many bad habits because our need for immediate gratification can turn us into the most reactive, nonthinking animals around.

Because the habits we carry gives us instant gratification and we dont see immediate effect in our life we always ignore the consequences that can cause later on. For example, if we take a big mac bite and immediately we get heart attact, we dont go back to have a second bite. And failing to make 10 calls a day, you could lose your job, you might not make an excuses not to make those calls....


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The problem is that the payoff or instant gratif j cation derived from bad habits often far outweighs what’s going on in your rational mind concerning long-term consequences. Indulging in our bad habits doesn’t seem to have any negative effects at all in the moment. You dont have a heart attack or ne unemployed, doesn’t mean you haven't activated compound effect.


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the habits you indulge in could be compounding your life into repeated disaster. The slightest adjustments to your daily routines can dramatically alter the outcomes in your life. Not the big difference but Supersmall, seemingly inconsequential adjustments can and will revolutionize everything


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