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The Mindset Mentor - Get Addicted to This!

The Mindset Mentor - Get Addicted to This!


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The Mindset Mentor - Get Addicted to This!

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Be An Addict

Achievement is addicting and Small victories build confidence.

If you're using this app. then you have probably encountered the saying "Set your goals big enough that they scare you" or "If you're dream doesn't scare you then you're not dreaming big enough."

Saying "I wanna make 10,000 worth of sales this week" boosts your morale, but then, when you don't achieve it, it demotivates you. Some even fall under the Impostor syndrome "Who am i to do this? I'm not someone who can do this. I'm a failure" and the negative self-talk continues. Worse, you would stop trying to achieve your goals.


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Start Small And Scale Up

To combat this, a better strategy is to set realistic yet challenging goals. Instead of 10,000 sales a week start with "I wanna make a 1,000 worth of sales this week." Once you did it and see results you will become addicted to it and this small win will give you confidence to reach greater heights.

An even better possibility is when you achieve more than what u set out to do.

Same goes with vices, if you're a smoker you can't just magically stop in one day. Start by smoking 1 pack, half a pack, then a quarter pack a day. Change it slowly but steady. Consistency is key.


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